To ensure a healthy lifestyle the child  are needed:

Healthy Life for a child

  1. The optimal mode of life. This is a definite Order of day, including various types of activity and sleep. Subject to the regime is formed an established biorhythm the functioning the body, that has a positive effect on its development. Mode provides,  educates, teach a child to discipline and order. The concept of the regime include:
    • regularity satisfaction the physiological needs of the child (sleep and food);
    • provision of hygienic care of the body and clothing of children;
    • development of the necessary communication skills in the implementation of joint activities.
  2. Rational nutrition. It is to provide the optimum balance of all the nutrients necessary for normal and full development of the child.
  3. The development of motor activity. Such activity has a developmental impact on the child’s brain and body, forming new neural connections in the brain. During this activity the kid gets a new motional experience, mastering the motion.
  4. Hardening of the child – allows forming an effective defense mechanism against pathogenic bacteria in his organism, it improves endurance and resistance.
  5. Creating a favorable psycho-physical environment. Your child should be brought up in an atmosphere of comfort, love and care. This creates the necessary preconditions for takeover your behavior patterns.