To maintain adult health at the proper level is necessary to adhere to a set of simple rules:

1. Eliminate from your life a bad habits. They have a harmful effect on your body, causing him to spend on restoring its normal state the resources, which are intended to intellectual creative activity. Your bad habits may serve as an incentive for your children.

Healthy lifestyle

Eliminate from your life bad habits

2. Build a stable regime of the day. This alternating sequence of sleep, waking, eating, physical and intellectual activity. It is different for each person, and must take into account all the features of your body. Going into the mode, the body will be more effectively and efficiently spend and restore resources.


Get enough sleep

3. Get enough sleep. Sleep allows the body and mind of a person to fill the necessary reserve forces. Lack of sleep will lead primarily to the depletion of the nervous system, which is fraught with very unpleasant conditions.

Healthy Lifestyle - Tips for Adults

Follow the diet

4. Follow the diet. Total for the day is optimal to eat three or four times, sharing the techniques of food 3-4 hours. To eat need to, slowly, carefully chewing. The most appropriate duration of eating is thirty minutes.

Healthy Lifestyle

Do a morning exercises

5. Do a morning exercises. It will eliminate the lethargy and sluggishness, will give the body tone and energy, warm up the muscles, joints and tendons before active labor day. Charging should cover respiratory organs, develop the flexibility and prevent stiffness.

Get rid of excess weight

Get rid of excess weight

6. Get rid of excess weight. Excess weight has a greater load on the heart, blood vessels, stomach. Excess weight puts pressure on the joints and spine. Fat is stored in the internal organs, burdening their.

7. Engage in active sports. They have to bring you the moral and physical satisfaction. Perfectly will approach swimming or cycling, fast walking with ski poles

Engage in active sports

Engage in active sports

8. Maintain good personal hygiene. Hygiene is closely linked with a healthy lifestyle. Regularly brush your teeth – two – three times a day. In the evening, clean your skin scrubs, so that she could breathe. More often wash your hair. Remove dirt from clothes and shoes.

9. Use hardening to strengthen the body’s defenses. The basic rule of hardening: regularity; gradual increase of dosage; use douches.

Healthy Lifestyle

Learn to resist a stressful situations

10. Learn to resist a stressful situations. Understand that health – is the basic for you. And willpower and purposefulness will do the rest.