independence in a childMost parents want their children to grow up as independent, motivated and successful people. But not all know exactly how and at what age you need to start to form these qualities.

  1. You should begin from infancy. As soon as at first the baby wants to do something on their own, help him achieve his goal. The main thing – in time to seize the moment. When he first picks up a spoon and tries to eat independently, did not stop him, even if half the food will on the table or floor. He aims to – let does. It takes a lot of time and nerves, but if by them do not sacrifice and do everything themselves, as a result will grow unenterprising and unsuccessful person. Do not forbid your child to do something that, at first glance, for him is still too early. Plan the process of feeding, dressing and other daily joint actions with the child in advance, given the fact that a lot he will do himself.
  2. Do not succumb to the desire to facilitate task him and do everything for him. Rather it will cause obvious harm. Children whose parents from an early age are not allow to develop independent skills, subsequently stop trying put before itself even the smallest task. At first glance, it is convenient, the child is doing only what he was told. But, not having learned to set goals in early childhood, man is doomed, and in adulthood to be fully obey the the will of another.
  3. Alleviate the independent learning is possible by means of special literature on the development of skills. Purchase a toy instruments that mimic the real thing. Let the kid with my dad builds a stool or a birdhouse, without risking to injure hands. Buy children’s scissors, using them can together cut out pictures¬† and so on.
  4. Always remember that only on a personal example, you can teach a child anything. If you do not cover the bed in the morning immediately after waking up the bed, it is unlikely that teach your baby. The arguments are unconvincing, if a personal example proves the contrary. If you do not demonstrate your ability to set goals and carry them out, the child will do the same.