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Daily Archives: November 30, 2015

Food allergies in children

Food allergies – a manifestation of allergic reaction to any kind of food, or its constituent ingredients. As shows medical practice, to date, a food allergy in children – a very common phenomenon.

This disease is an allergic reaction to absolutely not harmful products which may contain a large amount of food allergens, in most cases, which is a protein, much less – carbohydrates and fats. Continue reading

Blepharitis -  eye healthBlepharitis – an inflammation of the eyelids causing red, irritated, itchy eyelids and the formation of dandruff-like scales on eyelashes. It is a common eye disorder caused by either bacterial or a skin condition such as dandruff of the scalp or acne rosacea. It affects people of all ages. Although uncomfortable, blepharitis is not contagious and generally does not cause any permanent damage to eyesight. Continue reading