The first signs of pregnancy after conceptionEvery woman depending on their individual characteristics, in their own way feel the first signs of pregnancy after conception. This is caused by the difference of female organisms and reactions to hormonal changes. That is why some women feel the first signs of conception virtually the next day, while others may feel the change in his body only from fetal movements.

Probable signs of pregnancy after conception and their characteristics

  • Poor health – caused by changes in hormonal levels. Not at everyone is equally manifested weakness, some worried about dizziness, others – fatigue;
  • Toxicosis – this indicator may occur in early pregnancy, and expressed in the form of nausea or traction on the salty, sweet, and so on;
  • Changing the perception of smells – may occur after conception and represents a change addiction to spirits, favorite food, etc.;
  • Body temperature – measurement of basal and overall  body temperature makes it possible to establish the existence  of pregnancy on the early stages, due to the synthesis of progesterone which is responsible for raising the temperature;
  • Bleeding – a small bleeding associated with the planting of the embryo into the uterine wall. This process occurs after six or twelve days after fertilization;
  • Drowsiness – this indicator is explained by the production of progesterone, which contributes to suppression of the psyche;
  • Changes in the Chest – almost 90% of women observed swelling and breast tenderness during the first days after conception, due to the preparation of the body for breastfeeding the baby;
  • Digestive system – vomiting and nausea occurring at the majority of pregnant women, as well as changes in taste preferences and flatulence;
  • Problems with stool – every woman in early pregnancy is exposed to diarrhea and constipation;
  • Urination – in the first weeks after fertilization, frequent urges, due to hormonal changes that affect the kidneys and the bladder;
  • Mood changes – irritability and tearfulness.

Reliable methods for determining pregnancy after conception

  1. The first confirmation of pregnancy is the easiest method of verification – a pregnancy test, which can be carried out at home. With a positive result, it is recommended to dissipate any doubt, visit a gynecologist. Accordingly, the final stage to identify pregnancy is the bimanual examination and ultrasonography.
  2. Using ultrasound with vaginal sensor can see in the uterus a fetal egg diameter not exceeding 5 mm, which allows you to determine pregnancy in early pregnancy with a one hundred percent guarantee.
  3. Laboratory examination of blood and urine may from the first day of fertilization to dispel all doubts. This diagnosis is aimed at detecting the presence in the analysis of hormones produced by the placenta from the first day of implantation. The presence of the hormone hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) says about what happened conception.

If a woman suggests that she is pregnant, then put off a visit to a doctor should not, since exactly now, during the first weeks of pregnancy, is necessary to provide for herself and the child comfortable conditions for a normal pregnancy.