How to calm your nervesIf you do not learn how to control your nerves, you can quickly lose health. Problems at work, with the boss, quarrel with family, financial difficulties – this is far not all the situations that make us worry more than usual! How to calm the nerves under such circumstances? It is possible that will help tips below.

  1. Get enough sleep. Proper sleep mode calms the nerves is well. Get up and go to bed should be at one and the same time, spending in bed at least 7-8 hours. Also, do not go to bed immediately after the active work. It is important to give the brain time to prepare for bed. In this will help warm bath or entertaining reading.
  2. Avoid noise. It is interesting that music calms the nerves, more useful than complete silence.More to listen to music: classical or nature sounds.
  3. Spend more time outdoors. Long walks are necessary for everyone: and those who work a lot, and those who are experiencing a difficult situation at home.
  4. Medicinal plants. Folk methods are time-tested and effective. Before soothe the nerves, prepare a decoction of calendula, motherwort, or Hypericum (1 tbsp. L. To 1 cup of boiled water, about an hour). It is better to drink before going to bed. You can also buy pharmacy tincture of valerian and hawthorn fruit, mix them and take 12 drops, diluted in a glass of water.
  5. Engage in physical activity. Physical exercise helps to become more calm and balanced. In addition, during the work muscles the body releases endorphins, which are the natural remedy from stress.
  6. The correct view of life. What does it mean? First, Perceive the setbacks as part of life and do not despair. Healthy nerves have only ones who have learned to think positively. Indeed, how to calm the nerves, if negative emotions paralyze the will and weaken the internal forces?
  7. Proper breathing. In fact, to breathe need by diaphragm, and not the chest. Such breathing promotes complete blood oxygen saturation, and of course, good for the nerves. To learn to this easy. Imagine that your stomach – a small balloon and try to slowly deflate and inflate it. To begin such training better lying down.
  8. Water procedures. Rubbing and swimming are good for the nervous system. In the morning will be useful a cool shower. It tones and strengthens the central nervous system. Before going to bed should take a warm shower or a soothing bath. Good training for the nerves – a contrast shower.