Symptoms of diabetes in womenDiabetes is one of the most dangerous diseases. According to the statistics of mortality, the disease concedes only of Oncology and cardiovascular diseases. At the same time the number of cases is growing every year. More than half of people with diabetes – women. A probability of occurrence of diabetes in women is twice higher than in men.

What are the reasons? One of the most common causes of diabetes in women is the excessive weight. Due to the hormonal features of the organism, women have a greater tendency to gain weight, and it usually becomes the cause of diabetes.Unfortunately, diabetes is incurable and life-threatening disease. This is due to its complications (acute, which precipitously developing, late complications, which appear gradually over several years), which lead to fatal if not promptly begin treatment. Therefore it is very important to diagnose diabetes in its early stages, in time to start treatment, and slow the progression of the disease.

Symptoms of diabetes in women

  1. The reduction in weight. This is one of the main signs of diabetes first type. With food into the organism enter the necessary for normal functioning of the body’s calories, but the of the insulin produced is not enough for their cleavage. This leads to rapid weight loss, which indicates the need to visit a doctor immediately.
  2. Thirst. Due to diabetic ketoacidosis occurs a strong thirst. Thus, even at drinking plenty of fluids, xerostomia does not disappear.
  3. Fatigue. The feeling of physical exhaustion that sometimes has no obvious reasons, is the main symptom of diabetes mellitus in the women.
  4. Reinforced appetite (polyphagia). This particular condition in which the body is not saturated even after eating of a sufficiently large amount of food. Increased appetite is a major sign of impaired glucose metabolism in diabetes.
  5. Frequent urination (polyuria). Diabetes mellitus affects the kidneys but an organism tries to cope with the increased concentration of glucose. This results in increased frequency of urination.
  6. Blurred vision. Excessive glucose content in the blood becomes a cause of a violation of visual functions. Appears the effect of a blurry vision.
  7. Vaginal infections. Abundant yeast selection, athlete’s foot for a long time affects the genitals of women and almost impossible to treat, that require passing of additional analyzes, including the diabetes.
  8. Checking for sugar. Sometimes a woman has no visible symptoms of diabetes, and the disease is determined only after the blood tests, especially during pregnancy.
  9. Extra weight during pregnancy. These changes are almost imperceptible to the second or third trimester. Very rapid increase in weight of pregnant women may indicate on a gestational diabetes.