What is hepatitis C and how to live with it?

These questions arise in everyone gepatitis C.jpgwho learned about this diagnosis. Many get depressed, someone throws herself “in all heavy”, others looking for answers, trying to bring the situation under control.

Hepatitis C – not a sentence

Say people that you have hepatitis C – not easily, especially considering that many people have never heard about it, and that some manage to hear, it is often far from the truth. Someone even be afraid of contracting hepatitis C from you, someone will look at your flaws. Remember – Hepatitis C is transmitted only by contact blood in the blood!

Hepatitis C: precautions

Transmission of the virus through casual unlikely. However, the small risk exists, and therefore it is important to do everything possible to be completely a calm, that family members are protected. To avoid infecting others, to do everything to prevent any contact of your blood with the blood of a healthy person:

  • Never use share needles for injection. Be sure wash your hands before injecting.
  • Do not use foreign objects of personal hygiene such as razors, toothbrushes, nail clippers. Keep separately your hygiene items.
  • Persons infected with hepatitis C, need to give up all kinds of donation (blood, organs, tissues and semen).
  • Protect any cuts or open wounds using a band-aid or bandage.
  • It is necessary to warn your partner about the presence of disease. The risk of sexual transmission is low. However, it can be reduced further by using condoms or other barrier contraceptive. Watch out for the safety of mucous membranes, absence of cracks and micro traumas. In inflammatory diseases of the genital organs is damaged mucous, increased bleeding, which increases the risk of transmission of hepatitis C.

Liver Health

To control the state your liver, you should regularly visit the doctor-hepatologist or on infectious disease. Twice a year, donate blood chemistry, as well as once a year ultrasound of the abdomen. Also, your doctor may prescribe you the hepatoprotectors (Essentiale, lipoic acid, Silimar, etc.), which serve to support and improve of some the functions of the liver cells.

Hepatitis C and Diet

The first necessary to completely give up alcohol. Now healthy food – Your lifestyle. It is generally recommended diet with reduced fat, salty, spicy, fried, canned, etc. Eat using a Split meals  (4-5 times a day), without overeating.