How to improve hearingHearing problems today are encountered often. They can be both in the elderly, and children and young boys and girls. The reasons why this is happening – a lot.

Causes of hearing loss

  • Incorrect use potent drugs;
  • Frequent stay in places with high noise levels (discoclubs, construction sites, industrial buildings, shooting ranges);
  • Infectious diseases, eg otitis, tinnitus;
  • Birth defects or diseases transmitted genetically;
  • Head trauma or ear;
  • Age-related changes.

We’ll talk about cases of loss hearing as a result of simple reasons than congenital deafness or cochlear neuritis, and therefore it is still possible to improve (eg, hearing loss in the elderly or partial hearing loss after the diseases).

In the world there are several ways to improve hearing as in official medicine and folk medicine.

Medical methods

Otolaryngologist  can offer a person hearing impaired several options to improve the situation.

  • First, is the use of hearing aids. Today, they are very different and selected individually.
  • Secondly, is the installation of cochlear implants, which by efficiency is much higher than the properties of conventional hearing aids and are installed by a surgical intervention.
  • Using induction systems – also require professional advice to help with the selection of a suitable apparatus. The operating principle of induction systems that they are connected to the audio and video equipment, increasing their signal. As a result, a person with a hearing aid much hears better all the sounds that are played back from a TV, computer or other equipment.

Special exercises

Very popular gymnastics aimed at improving hearing. In fact it is a set of very simple exercises that are well affect the level of hearing. So:

  • Close auricles by a warm hands, hold a few seconds and open.
  • Gently knock fingers on the auricle.
  • Close your ears with your fingers and then abruptly open.

Each of the proposed action repeat 10 times. The meaning of technique that during the opening-closing of ears occurs a sharp change of sounds (silence-noise), why they are beginning to work, which leads to an increase in hearing.

Still it is possible to massage the ears. It’s pretty simple – using palms vigorously massage the ears, making circular movements clockwise. Thus ears should be pressed to the head. Need to make 25-30 movements.

Prevention of hearing loss

As preventive measures – not to be too long in very noisy environments. Sometimes our body and our ears need peace and quiet. Therefore alternate the periods of noise and quiet in your life. This will useful in any case.

Avoid prolonged listening in the headphones. They are one of the main reasons why in young people reduced hearing.