Uterine sarcoma.jpgLeiomyosarcoma of the uterus – a malignant tumor of the uterus, develops in the myometrium or in the smooth muscle wall of blood vessels of the uterus, possibly along with the fibromiomy.Epidemiology

The tumor is rare, accounting for only about 2% of all malignant tumors of the uterus. More common in women after 40 years, but sometimes occurs in children.

Sarcoma of the uterus is growing rapidly infiltrates neighboring organs and metastasizes to the lungs.


The clinical diagnosis is very difficult. A suspicion on uterine sarcoma arises with the rapid increase of the uterus, anemia, low-grade fever and a deterioration of the general condition. Bleeding from the uterus may be of the same nature as in the submucosal fibroids. Intramural sarcoma does not cause bleeding. Quite often, observed a fever caused by tumor necrosis. The most reliable clinical sign is a fast-growing uterine.

Diagnosis can be made only after the histological study of the operational preparation. Diagnostic scraping is not reliable if the sarcoma is intramural. At the slightest suspicion of sarcoma during surgery is necessary to resort an urgent histological examination for further diagnosis and the correct execution of the surgery.


The best treatment is surgical, and uterine extirpation seems to be quite radical. Spaying is not decisive. If the tumor has metastasized, or sprouted in the ovaries or outside the uterus, the prognosis sharply worsens. In such cases use postoperative radiotherapy.

If leiomyosarcoma without sprouting beyond the uterus prognosis is good. Five-year survival was seen in 80% of patients. In other cases, the prognosis is poor.