If on tBeautiful skin of face for 20 minuteshe facial procedures in a cosmetic salon you do not have time or money, do not despair. Almost the same result can be achieved at home with simple means in just 20 minutes by executing three simple procedures: peeling mask and a compress – in this sequence. After them, the facial skin will look smooth, supple and fresh.  Already after the first application, you will see visible results.

Home peeling

First we need to make cleaning the face – peeling to get rid of dead skin cells and excess fat, and it be better to take further procedures.

    • Soda peeling

You will need: a soft cosmetic sponge; soap (preferably natural without any additives); cotton swab; 1/2 tsp baking soda.

Moisten your face with water. Then, a good lather your face with a soft cosmetic sponge. Do not rinse the lather. Then take a cotton swab, apply a half a teaspoon of baking soda and gently massage the face in circular motions. Thoroughly clean the nose, forehead and chin. Be careful not to overdo it. Do not rub the skin much, movements should be soft, is especially true of those who have dry thin skin. After massage the face for 2-3 minutes, rinse it clear cool water.

    • Hercules cleaning

You will need: 1 tbsp Hercules flakes; 2 tbsp. l. water or milk.

Instead of soda peeling, you can make the Hercules peeling. Tablespoon Hercules flakes pour with two tablespoons of hot water or milk. Give the flakes to swell for 10 minutes.

Apply gruel on a cotton swab and massage pre-washed face for three minutes. Then abundantly rinse the face using a lukewarm water.
After peeling immediately do a hot herbal compress to a face. It smoothes the skin, relieve irritation, your face will look rejuvenated.

Herbal Compress

You will need: Linen napkin or a towel; 1 tbsp chamomile, lime or bidens; part-time cup of boiling water; strainer.

How to make herbal compress

Take one tablespoon of chamomile and fill it with incomplete cup of boiling water. Close the lid and let the infusion brew for 12-15 minutes it. Then strain it through a sieve.

Immediately, without allowing cool down, wet a cloth in it and impose on the face. Important note: the infusion should be hot, otherwise the effect will be minimal. As soon as a compress has cooled after a few minutes, remove it. You will see how your face has freshened up. Chamomile greatly effect on the skin, whitens it and smoothes out wrinkles.

If you have dilated capillaries, severe inflammation on a skin, cracks, hot compress for you contraindicated. Finally, after compress do a face mask.

Mask for the face

  1. Yeast mask (for oily skin)
    For the mask, you will need: 1 tbsp fresh yeast; 1/2 tsp milk.
    Mix the yeast with milk and apply on face (except eye area), and wait for 12-15 minutes. After this time, rinse it with warm water. Yeast mask whitens and cleans the skin, tightens pores.
  2. Yolk-Honey mask (for dry skin)
    To prepare this mask – mix egg yolk, half a teaspoon of honey and half a teaspoon of vegetable oil. The resulting mass Apply on face evenly, avoiding the eye area. After 12-15 minutes rinse. This mask nourishes dry skin and smoothes fine wrinkles.

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