Raising a child – it’s a delicate matter. Many parents believe that they can always do to cope with the psychological problems their child. However, very often they only aggravate the situation. So do not nWhen a child needs a psychologist.jpgeed to be afraid to seek professional help.

The main task of a child psychologist – psychological help through gaming techniques. In the game are disclosed a suppressed feelings of the child and the most effective search for solutions to children’s problems.

It is very important in time to consult to psychologist, otherwise childhood trauma can seriously affect the behavior and development of the child. It not always are brightly expressed problems, so sometimes difficult for parents to identify them. If you see in your child have any concerns, we suggest you contact a child psychologist.

Child psychologist is needed if:

  • The child is afraid. Fears are inherent in every human being. And precisely a fear protects a person from of reckless and risky actions. But if the child is afraid of being alone, sleeping in his room and his bed, afraid of some sounds, darkness, rain, insects, animals, then he needs a psychologist. The feeling of fear is often associated with the development of the child’s imagination, that oppresses, inhibits and hinders adequate perception of reality.
  • The child is uncontrollable. When children have their own point of view and are able to defend it, it is good. But if the parents have completely lost control over their child and understand that the distance between them is growing every day, it is advisable address to a child psychologist. He will help to establish a harmonious relationship in the family.
  • The child is aggressive. When parents criticize their children, they are often faced with aggression and rage in response. And sometimes it is so strong expressed that a child can be dangerous for himself or others. If a child is mistreating with animals, beats peers, defiantly breaks toys, it is an occasion to see a child psychologist.
  • Excessive shyness. Too shy kids have a lowered self-esteem. They are afraid of appearing ridiculous, they are very sensitive to comments and not confident. And these children avoid contact, liketo  be alone and do not know how to build relationships with others.
  • Problems at school or kindergarten. Problems may relate to relationships with peers, teachers and educators, or achievers. If a child who is a good student in school, suddenly began to receive poor grades, or young child with pleasure went to kindergarten, but suddenly began to cry due to reluctance to go thither, you should consult a child psychologist.
  • Internet addiction. If parents are not paying enough attention to the child, it hides in the computer games and the Internet. And if time does not establish a relationship with the child and did not embellish his inner peace with an interesting things, it can lead to very bad results.
  • Changes in a child’s life. When in family appears a little brother or sister, when you have to relocate or collective (school, kindergarten) if dies a close person, or a sudden violence is accomplished before the eyes of a child, he certainly needs help a child psychologist.