Blurry Vision During Pregnancy.jpgMany expectant mothers are aware of the drastic changes they expect during pregnancy, and sometimes they may still wonder if what they are feeling is normal or not. One of the issues pregnant women face is blurry vision which can be alarming. Although vision changes are quite common before, during and after pregnancy, you should know the reasons behind blurry vision during pregnancy and the available treatments.

Causes of Blurred Vision and What to do

When vision changes during pregnancy, many women become surprised and some have a genuine concern. Now let’s find out some of the main reasons of blurry visions during pregnancy.

1. Fluid Retention is the main cause for many vision issues, which changes the shape and thickness of the cornea, leading to distorted and blurred vision.

What to do: The good news is that these changes usually go away after pregnancy and you may not need to do anything at all. However, if the distorted vision persists, you’ll need to discuss the issue with your physician.

2. Gestational Diabetes – is a temporary form of diabetes, which can damage your retinas in the same way. The retinas of your eyes contain many small blood vessels and blood pressure associated with diabetes can damage them during pregnancy.

What to do: With gestational diabetes, you have to monitor your blood sugar levels regularly to avoid the high blood pressure which can cause bleeding in your retinas.

3. Hormonal Changes can lead to vision problems.

What to do: Hormonal changes affect your body’s ability to produce tears, and you can use eye drops to remedy that. But when the blurry vision persists, the hormone progesterone may be the culprit, which has a softening effect on collagen in the eye. Fortunately, the changes are temporary and your vision should return to normal after delivery.

4. Preeclampsia – is diagnosed in women who have high blood pressure and protein in their urine. Women with preeclampsia can expect symptoms that typically include light sensitivity, blurry vision, flashes of light, auras and temporary loss of vision.

What to do: If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, contact your physician immediately or visit the emergency room for prompt treatment. The condition can develop rapidly, causing serious complications like bleeding.


Wearing contact lenses can cause blurry vision during pregnancy, and this normally happens to almost all expectant moms. Contact lenses become irritable and ill-fitting as your eyes change shape during pregnancy, and unfortunately there is little that can be done about it. All corrective actions or surgeries should be avoided because these procedures may endanger your pregnancy. The good news is that after pregnancy, as your eyes and cornea return to normal, blurry vision will disappear and corrective measures may not even be needed.