OncTreatment of oncological diseasesology – a section in medicine that studies the problems of diagnosis and cure of malignant tumors (neoplasms). Despite the fact that oncological diseases have been the scourge a long time, but now they became widely known about them a lot of talk, explore, conduct many kinds of experiments and the development of more effective drugs.

Treatment of oncologic diseases – one of the most debated issues, not only among physicians but also among the public. For those who dedicated his life to finding a cure, the development of a drug that would be healed from this terrible disease has become the number one task.

However, the Treatment of Oncology is not universal, because each person along with the disease, which may vary according to the degree of development, localization, there is a personal history and often it was he making significant adjustments to the treatment plan. For this reason, the detection of such diseases should definitely seek the advice, help and treatment to only a qualified doctor, to assess the situation from a professional point and define a truly effective treatment course.

Treatment Oncology can be a radical, palliative or symptomatic. Currently, for curing cancer patients may use several kinds of methods – Radiotherapy, hormonal, surgical, chemotherapy and biotherapy. Each of these methods can be applied individually or combined with one or two methods.

Variations may be many – the combination of surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy method, radiation and surgery, and others. As a rule, it is a larger result gives a combination of different impact methods.

What might cause cancer?

Over this issue work a leading specialists-oncologists over the world.

Many scientists say about carcinogenic ability of some chemicals. In the XVIII century it was noticed that many of the boys chimney sweeps working in narrow chimneys are sick so-called “cancer of the chimney sweeps.” The reason is that on the skin of a scrotum fall a soot particles of burnt coal, which causes irritation and ultimately – skin cancer. It was found that the carcinogenic effect occurs only at long and systematic effects on humans.

Other scientists were convinced that cancer – a viral disease: the virus penetrating the cell, integrates into its genetic apparatus, and changes the content of the hereditary information.

But the single cause of the tumors and was not detected to date. Accepted that the tumor – pluricausal phenomenon and is possible occurrence of a tumors under the influence of chemicals, ionizing radiation or breach of the hormonal balance.

Do not forget that in the oncology appear new and new techniques, methods of treatment, drugs that are much more effective a previous. Therefore, hearing the diagnosis of Cancer, you should not fall into despair, because this problem now is solved and the disease beatable.