Why overweight returnsThe vast majority of people who have managed to lose weight in the diet, over time, those extra kilos come back. Here’s why this is happening.

Decrease of Level metabolism

Do not flatter yourself, if you see on the scales lower figures than those accustomed to see. After all, this also means that your body is now metabolizes fewer calories. And the amount of calories burned is closely related to the weight. In people with overweight and obesity in the body burns down more calories during exercise. When you lose weight, the body needs fewer calories. That is why over time  the lost kgs return – you just stop  to burn the right number of calories.

Lack of sleep

Prolonged night sleep not only fills us with the necessary energy, but also saves waistline from expanding. In chronic lack of sleep a person needs eke energy, and he  looking for different foods. In addition, a body produces the hormone ghrelin, that forces you eat more, and the amount of the hormone leptin, which suppresses appetite at a lack of sleep – is reduced. Finally, the metabolism level slows down and so excess weight return back.

Improper exercises

With the loss of excess weight, you will also lose fat and muscle. Simply put, you use calories to fat and muscle, and when the number of calories declining, there is a shortage of both. It’s important to change the system of exercise training, so that the muscles confronted with new physical trials. Monotonous exercise system not only not allow you to progress, but also will lead to the return of the lost weight.

Old habits

Many people feel the need to eat in the company of colleagues and friends for closer communication or at a going to the restaurant. Others prefer absorb food in a movie theater or sitting at the computer. It is very important to fight these old habits, because of which the success of the diet may be short-lived.

Loss of willpower

Despite the myths about an iron will, a man feels only a limited amount of self-control every day. If you spend this amount of on the resistance to the temptation eat a piece of chocolate, you do not enough will willpower to fight the other junk food. That is why willpower need to spend efficiently and not wasting on trivia.

The lack of a backup plan

When you celebrate a victory in the struggle against excess weight after the diet, most often you do not have a backup plan of action for the next period. One of these plans is the desire to eat only healthy foods in small proportions. If you return to the usual diet, then, without a doubt, you get back the lost kgs.