How Prevent Diabetes.jpgDiabetes as we all know is a chronic lifestyle disorders, going by the national statstics there are more than 65 million persons suffering from Diabetes.  Never too late to start. How diabetes affects different parts of the body? Using precautions can prevent trouble in advance.

People that more prone to develop Diabetes (Type 2 Diabetes):

  •  Those who are overweight and Obese – BMI above 25;
  • Having a family History of Diabetes – especially if both parents are suffering from Diabetes;
  • Frequently eat outside or have heavy meals with lots of fried stuff, potatoes, fats, Refined wheat flour, sweets etc.;
  • Lead a sedentary lifestyle with limited physical activity;
  • People with abdominal obesity – protruding tummies or waist size of > 92 cms in men and > 85 cms in females.

If more persons are detected at the early pre-diabetic stage it may be possible to prevent the onset of full blown Diabetes and consequently all the entailing complications and liabilities of lifelong treatment. If timely actions are taken Diabetes may be prevented in such individuals with some medicines or lifestyle modifications which are not costly or have any side effects.

Here are some tips given by Diabetologists for everyone which would keep you away from Diabetes and help you control Diabetes if you already have it:

  • Eat all that is green, plenty of green leafy vegetables daily;
  • Do not eat lots of sweets;
  • Avoid lot of butter, Desighee, Cream and full cream milk;
  • Take Fruits in your diet while avoiding very sweet ones and some like Banana, Grapes;
  • Try to take more of whole grains in your diet rather than refined flours;
  • Do not eat lots of fried food;
  • Avoid taking lots of juices and Cold drinks;
  • Be physically active – make it a point to exercise daily.