HiccupsHiccups – a special state of the organism, which is expressed in involuntary and rhythmically of recurring short but intense movement of the diaphragm on the exhalation with a closed or very sharp narrowing of the glottis. Hiccups is an unconscious reaction of the body, a reflex that a person can not control.

Causes of hiccups

Hiccups is a common phenomenon, it can occur in any person but more common in children, mostly in infants. In adults, there is often a hiccup in the evening, more susceptible women during periods of stress or menstruation.

Hiccups can be caused by various factors. The exact causes of hiccups not been clarified, but the Main reasons include:

  • Emotional turmoil, stress;
  • Bloating after consuming gas-products;
  • Overeating, fast food;
  • Eating on dry rations;
  • Swallowing the air;
  • A sharp temperature drop, reception hot or very cold food;
  • In infants – freezing;
  • Alcohol and smoking;
  • Diseases of the digestive system.

Types of hiccups

Hiccups in duration can be: short-term;  long, for several hours; constant, it lasts for weeks.

Short-term hiccups are not dangerous, and at least once in his life faced any person. Continuous and constant hiccups in adults can be caused by patological impulses coming from the internal organs or defeat of the nerve plexus, and requires the involvement of a physician.

Prolonged hiccups can be caused by acid reflux, taking steroids or analgesics, tranquilizers, a violation of blood composition, increasing the alcohol level, blood sugar level or decrease in potassium or calcium. Hiccups can be cause gallbladder disease, anesthesia, and diseases of organs chest and abdomen, heart attacks, injuries and infections of the brain.


When short-term hiccups drug treatment does not apply. Quickly get rid of hiccups can help drinking a little water, holding my breath. If hiccups in newborns helps additional attachment to the breast or regurgitation of air. If a hiccup occur at the child after eating, you can offer him a drink small sips of fluid.

If hiccups is a prolonged, it is necessary to consult a doctor, he will advise how to stop the attack – usually it is a drugs to relax the muscles (muscle relaxants), the regulation of the digestive, carminative, or antacids. Frequent hiccup implies a detailed examination.