Emphysema of lungs.jpgEmphysema of lungs – a swelling of the lungs due to excessive content of the air. At the alveoli of lungs occurs the vital gas exchange (oxygen and carbon dioxide). Emphysema of lungs – irreversible lung damage, ie complete cure emphysema impossible.  Distresses of functions alveoli leads to an increase in load on the healthy parts of the lungs and heart, resulting in there is a shortness of breath.

Causes of pulmonary emphysema

  • Smoking;
  • Air pollution;
  • Overweight;
  • Injury and artificial lung ventilation;
  • Sometimes the disease is inherited.

A common reason – because of chest injuries, lesions of the esophagus, rupture of the pleura and the entry of air into the lungs develops mediastinal emphysema, at which the air, putting pressure on the heart and blood vessels, can cause asphyxia, acute heart failure.

Symptoms of pulmonary emphysema

Emphysema usually occurs between the ages of 50-60 years. In most cases it it is asymptomatic at first, only slightly reduced performance. Possible symptoms:

  • Barrel chest;
  • The horizontal arrangement of the ribs;
  • Severe breathlessness.

The main symptoms – shortness of breath and tussis with a sputum. The physician can help only if there are the first symptoms, but has not yet emerged emphysema. Therefore, at a constant cough should seek medical attention.

Treatment of pulmonary emphysema

Identify the disease is very difficult. With accuracy to identify the destruction of lung tissue is possible only during the autopsy. The doctor will examine and palpate the chest of the patient, by listening to check for suspicious sounds. At suspicion on a disease, he will conduct additional research: X-ray, electrocardiogram, blood analysis.

Treatment of pulmonary emphysema is aimed at relieving symptoms and the prevention of complications, which are frequent infections of the airways. – With the help of antibiotics, expectorants and mucolytic drugs.

Medicamentous treatment is indicated with bronchospasm (bronchial tubes twitch), as well as to facilitate the work of the heart. At diagnosis should take into account the shortness of breath. If it grows stronger with time and is permanent, it is considered one of the main symptoms.


Typically, emphysema and chronic bronchitis occur simultaneously. Therefore, great importance is the correct treatment of diseases of the respiratory tract, accompanied by a persistent cough. Treatment is carried out as long until all symptoms disappear.

To impact on an internal factors (innate predisposition) is not possible, therefore it is necessary to avoid exposure of external factors. Especially need to be careful, if someone of the family members is already sick. First of all, you should quit smoking!