Curious Twin Babies on WhiteThe birth of twins – not an rare phenomenon in our time. For new parents is not only double happiness, but also a double difficulty.

Mental development of the twins has a number of features. About at six months, children begin to feel the presence  and the mood of each other. For three years there is a distribution of functions between them, and is pawned the foundation of their future relationship, that primarily depends on upbringing.

Identical twins look alike as two drops of water, but the character, temperament, abilities, interests have often different. One – a fidget, likes communication and active games, other – the quiet one, for him the best entertainment – to paint a picture or sculpt out plasticine. In their pair always are have the master and slave.

The strong emotional connection begins to create problems approximately in six years, when the twins want to be separately, to be friends with whom they want, play what is interesting.

Growing up, they are increasingly fighting for individuality, separated by a brother or sister, especially clearly the desire to be themselves, and not a reflection of the other manifests itself in adolescence.

Tips for parents the twins

What can parents the twins, their children never felt too strong emotional attachment to each other and have grown each personality? Here are some tips.

  • Select to children the names different on sounding.
  • From birth, learn to distinguish and name children by name, and rarely make generalizations.
  • Make a habit to dress children in different ways, and when they grow up, let them choose their own clothes.
  • Praise the twins for the different things, but not both. Find the time to talk with both the two and with each separately.
  • When children begin to speak, pay attention to their speech. The twins repeat not only speech of adults, but also imitate each other. So try to intelligently and tactfully correct mistakes in speaking kids.
  • Teach children to respect the interests and desires of each other. Do not create conditions for rivalry and jealousy.
  • Do not buy for children similar toys. They must differ from each other (for example, the same size, but with different faces of dolls, cars of different models).
  • Teach the twins to be without each other. One child – send a visit to her grandmother, and other go for a walk with mom or dad.
  • If possible, send your children to different schools or classes. The same applies to leisure activities. For example, one visits the sports section in volleyball, and the second – in basketball.
  • Try to do so that children are not only communicated with their relatives, but also with peers and adults who do not belong to the family. Of course, children Twins could well do without the contact with other people, but because of this, they can become isolated on itself, leading to possible complications in adapting to the team.

A very strong relationship may hurt them in the future when applying for a job or building a family. Encourage their independence. Sooner or later, the twins grow up and their paths diverge on different sides.

And remember that the main tool in the education of children is considered parental love, care and attention. Prove to them that in every child you see a person, and each of them is equally dear to you. Only then will you be able to raise children properly.