10 best sayings Osho.jpgRebel, an atheist, an ambiguous personality, man-scandal – these characteristics Osho during his lifetime. But even now, many years later, he did not ceases to be the object of attention, imitation, admiration and resentment.

All you need to do – is to abandon the stereotypes of society, restrictions and norms imposed on us from outside. All you need to do – is to listen to your inner voice, your desires, and every day be closer to the truth. To get happiness – just see what’s around you, just live here and now.

Perceive the world as a fascinating game, laugh, watch, learn all through personal experience, be always open and answer the impulses of his heart and soul.
About this read quotes of Osho. They will open you the world.

1. People take everything so seriously that it becomes a burden to them. Learn to laugh more. For me, laughing so holy as prayer.

2. All of us are unique. Never no one ask what is right and what is wrong. Life – an experiment in which you want to find out what is right, what is wrong. Sometimes, maybe you did wrong, but it will give the relevant experience from which you will immediately get the benefit.

3. Each action leads to an immediate result. Just be careful and watch. Mature man – one who watched myself and found that it is right and wrong; what is good and what is bad.
And thanks to the fact that he found it himself, he has great authority, even if the whole world will say something different, for it will not change anything. He has his own experience, which he can rely, and that’s enough.

4. Life – is a mystery. It can not be predicted. But there are many people who want to live a predictable life, because then there would be no fear. Everything would have been determined, there would be no doubt of anything.
But will then opportunity for growth? If there is no risk, unless you can grow? If there is no danger, unless you can strengthen your mind? If there is no possibility that you will be rejected, unless you can walk on the right path?

4. There are times when God comes and knocks on your door. This is love – God is knocking on your door. Through women, through man, through the child, through love, through a flower through a sunset or sunrise. God can knock millions of different ways.

5. Desire to be unusual – it is a very ordinary desire.
Relax and to be ordinary – really unusual.

6. If you are rich, do not think about it, if you are poor – do not take seriously their poverty. If you are able to live in peace, remembering that the world – it is only a play, you’ll be free, you do not touch the pain. Suffering – the result of a serious attitude to life; bliss – the result of the game. Sees life as a game, rejoice her.

7. Courage – a movement into the unknown, regardless of all fears. Courage – is not fearlessness. Fearlessness happens when you become more and more boldly. This ultimate experience of courage – fearlessness; courage became absolute. But in the beginning the difference between a coward and a daredevil is not so great.
The only difference is that the coward listens to his fears and follows them, and daredevil leaves them aside and move on. Daredevil goes into the unknown in spite of all fears.

8. First become solitary. First start to enjoy yourself. First become so authentically happy, that will have no value if no one will come to you; you are full, overflowing. If no one knocks on your door, it is still all right – you’re not missing anything. You never expect that someone will come and knock on your door.

9. You are home. If someone comes to you – well, fine. If no one comes – too good and perfect. Then you can go on with other. Now you can do it as owner and not as a servant of the Emperor, and not as a beggar.

10. You are changing every moment. You – the river. Today it flows in one direction and climates. Tomorrow – in another. I never saw the same person twice. It changes. It is constantly changing. But we should have piercing eyes to see it. Otherwise dust falls and everything is getting old; it seems that everything has already been.
Solves ratio. Listen consciously. Awaken yourself. When you feel that you are tired, lyagnite itself as follows. Themselves, and not the other – lyagnite. Open your eyes. Awake. Listen again.