Development of logic - is important in lifeLogical thinking is based on the construction of the chain of sequences of arguments and events, which helps draw conclusions, make the right decisions. If a person has a well-developed logical thinking, he easy finds a way out of any situation. To develop this ability is best in early childhood but also in adulthood you can and should to train.

There are a lot of exercises on logic, which help develop attention, concentration, perception, observation, thinking and intelligence.

  • Play Puzzles – you can have fun while you hone your visual-spatial intelligence. In fact, the most entertaining way to hike your IQ by a few notches is to play puzzles. Games such as Rubik’s Cube, Jigsaw puzzles and spatial puzzles that require you to maneuver items inside your head will do wonders for your visual-spatial skills.
  • Chessanother enjoyable way to improve your picture smarts is to play chess. It cannot be denied that this game has multitudes of brain benefits. Apart from boosting memory and enhancing problem-solving skills, chess improves one’s creativity – one of the most important aspects for visual-spatial intelligence. With enhanced creativity, you will be able to create and design items just like picture-smart architects and painters.
  • Play card games. Contrary to popular beliefs, you need not engage in a boring activity just to improve your logical smarts. One of the most entertaining ways for you to increase your number IQ is to play card games that stimulate your brain to perform mental math. Fun pastimes such as Crazy Eight, Go Fish and Gin Rummy are perfect for the young ones, while matured players will benefit a lot from the addicting game of Black Jack.
  • Reading books trains the memory and intelligence, develops logical thinking. Reading talented detectives and novels – is not just a pastime. Following the logic of thoughts of great detectives, the reader is able to start to think and reason more widely and more specifically, to compare facts and develop observation. And these qualities can be very useful not only in emergencies but also in everyday life.
  • Write. It can be a story, poem, novel or even a play. Let your imagination fly and allow the words from your mind to trickle down to your journal.
  • Listen different types of music. Musical intelligence is not just about singing well and playing a plethora of instruments, it is about appreciating the beauty of music – no matter how peculiar or weird it might be. Hone your music smarts by lending an ear to different kinds of symphonies – from classic to pop, even from native to eclectic. By immersing your ears in multitudes of melodies, you will be able to distinguish the different tones that govern the world of music.
  • Join a math club. If you are really determined to improve your mathematical smarts, a knowledgeable and fun way to do so is to join a math club. While this might sound boring – it is not! Such a club allows you to learn in a supportive yet sociable environment. Learning with your colleagues and participating in events and competitions will give you the math IQ boost you are looking for.