Adenoids, also known as pharyngeal tonsil, or nasopharyngeal tonsil are located at the back oAdenoides a child and your health.jpgf the throat. Adenoids protect the body from harmful bacteria and viruses and form part of the immune system of babies and children 3 and 5 age and rarely during adolescence. They will have disappeared completely by the time a person has become an adult.

Why Adenoids are swollen?

Adenoids trap germs when they enter the body. In doing so they can sometimes puff up temporarily as they try to fight off an infection. On most occasions the swelling resolves on its own. However, sometimes medical treatment is required.

Often an enlarged adenoids are common in children and may cause the following  symptoms:

  • Blocked or stuffy nose, the child may breath just through your mout;
  • Ear problems;
  • Sleeping difficulties and Snoring;
  • Sore throat when you swallow;
  • Swallowing difficulties;
  • The neck hurts and in the neck seem swollen (swollen lymph nodes);
  • Feel unwell.

Even after the infection has cleared up, the adenoids may continue to be enlarged. In some children, an allergic reaction can irritate the adenoids, making them swell up. In addition, some children may be born with enlarged adenoids.

Diagnostics and Treatment

If your child is experiencing these problems, consult your doctor, who will examine down your throat  using special mirror, with special instrument look into your ears to see if your ear drums are red or swollen, listen to your breathing using a stethoscope, feel your neck under your jaw to check for swollen glands.

You may be given an antibiotic to help your body fight off the germs.

If you are getting really sick often or getting lots of ear infections and the medicine isn’t helping, You may need to go to hospital for Surgical removal of the adenoids – a quick and uncomplicated procedure without risks of subsequent infections for the child.


There is a possibility of regrowth after the adenoids are removed.

Most doctors will not perform an adenoidectomy on very young children.

Sometimes the doctor will surgically remove the tonsils at the same time – this is called a tonsillectomy.