Prevention of fears in childrenWorry, anxiety, fear, surprise, sadness – it is emotional components of our lives. Where there are fears in children? How to prevent their occurrence?

Pre-school age – the period when in the child begins to form morality and image of self, arises the need to understand how society lives, to understand the relationship between people. A kid falls into a world of new emotions and feelings, is faced with life situations that often can not explain. And as a consequence occur the fears.

For children at each age is characteristic of their fears:

  • Children up to 1 year afraid loud noises and a long absence of the mother.
  • A child between the ages of 2 to 3 years old is afraid of punishment, pain and doctors, loneliness and darkness.
  • After 3 years, when in the child develops the imagination, there are fears born of fantasies or voice heard stories.
  • The older the child becomes, the more conscious become a fears, and in 6-7 years, the child begins to be afraid of death, and of all that can lead to death (thunder, storms, heights).

When a child is aware of his fear, he begins to fight with him. Overcoming the fear of strengthens the moral foundations of the child, helps the social formation of identity. However, some adults mistakenly believe that a sense of fear does not cause harm to the kid, and promotes the formation of a child’s obedience.

Remember – it is not true! Frequent experiencing fear in a child forms emotional adaptation (habituation) and, as a consequence, the indifference to the fact that before was frightening. Therefore intimidation pernisiosly for the psyche of the child.

The presence any fears indicates that the kid is experiencing great inner tension and can not cope with their own emotions and difficulties. Nervous system preschooler is still weak, and alone it is difficult to overcome fears, so adults should to help.

Numerous studies have shown that the fear of childhood – a frequent occurrence, and often it goes unnoticed. If the fear persists for a long time or acquires the painful exacerbation, it is best to consult a specialist.

Tips for parents to help prevent the occurrence of fears in children:

  • Every day, make time to communicate with your child, give him the opportunity to share with you their secrets, worries, ask for advice and assistance.
  • In a relationship with the child should be guided by its positive qualities. As often as possible praise, encourage positive qualities of the child.
  • On the requirements or prohibitions must be reported in a friendly relaxed form, without pressure. In no case do not use physical punishment.
  • Fears before bedtime often indicate that a child needs a more close communication with the mother. Therefore, if the baby falls asleep calmer when near an adult, stay with him.
  • Expand the circle of people to whom the child not indifferent. This will help your baby to switch empathy for others, and consequently – reduce his fears.
  • Do not allow your child to watch horror movies. Unlike adults, kids are not able to clearly distinguish between the fudge and reality, and in a particularly tense moments they forget that everything saw on the screen do not really exist.
  • Before visiting the zoo and the circus tell the child that the wild animals are not always good for people and can be a dangerous. Then, the sudden aggression of predator will not cause a fright.
  • Share with your child memories of their own childhood fears, tell him how you with them fought and won. You should also explain that there is nothing terrible in life, that mom and dad a strong and always in case of danger will protect.