Medial epicondylitis.jpgMedial epicondylitis (tennis elbow) – the defeat of the elbow joint resulting from occupational physical activities or sporting pursuits. Epicondylitis manifested by painful sensations in the elbow, and movement disorders.


Tennis elbow occurs in people at repeated flexion and extension of the forearm and of the elbow joint with high loads. Medial epicondylitis occurs in golfers, discus throwers, tennis players, joiners, carpenters. Usually the disease occurs with equal frequency in men and women after 40 years. The disease may be a result of chronic microtrauma and inflammation as well as acute injuries of the elbow joint.

Medial epicondylitis occurs as a result inflammation of the periosteum, tendon injury and synovial membranes. Also play a role, and age-related changes of collagen structure and violation of its elasticity. In process of formation of scar tissue in area of the elbow joint violates the range of motion and further weakens the fabric, exposing them to even greater risk of injury.


The main symptoms – pain in the elbow amplifying at flexion of arm. At a palpation the elbow – a tight and painful, reduced muscle strength in the capture and the rotation of the brush.

Diagnosis Treatment

Diagnosis is made by clinical, X-ray, ultrasound of joint, and in difficult cases, CT scan or MRI of the joint. When the differential diagnosis – electromyography.

Basically, the treatment is conservative – prescribed an orthoses and nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs, physiotherapy – UHF, shock-wave therapy methods, galvanization. If necessary, prescribe topical corticosteroids. When their ineffectiveness used surgical treatment.