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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Dermatologist Tips on How to Get Rid of Adult Acne.jpgWhen growing up, having acne seemed like a right of passage through adolescence. But, as the most common skin disorder in the United States, acne often plagues more than just our teenage years. Nearly a third of adults suffer from adult acne during their lifetime,  with women being much more likely to suffer from adult acne than men.

Certified Dermatologist and Clinical Instructor of Dermatology from NYC, Dr. Hadley King, MD tells in detail about adult acne, including cystic acne, and gives useful advice. Continue reading

Fresh juices - the benefits and harms.jpgFresh juices can bring not only benefits but also harm the body, if you do not know the rules of its use. For example, when taking medication, you should be careful, consuming grapefruit juice, as it contains narigin, which can lead to a decrease or increase the effect of drugs taken and their deposition in the liver. Continue reading

Migraine - treatment and preventionMigraine (hemicrania) – this is a very strong sharp recurring headache that causes nausea, vomiting, and can last a whole day. Migraine is a chronic neurological disease. Treatment of headache usually occurs with the help of painkillers. Migraine Treatment requires a professional approach and diagnostics. Continue reading

Feeding a child at 1 year - features of food allowance.jpegFeeding year-old child should be built with consideration of his age features. On the one hand, the kid is already well grew older, and can  to eat many new dishes. But it is extremely important to take care of his food was both useful and safe. Continue reading

Symptoms of a panic attack.jpgPanic attack is called a sudden, inexplicable attack of fear, anxiety, accompanied by heart palpitations, shortness of breath, dizziness and feeling of strong emotion. After the first attack of panic, such as while driving, shopping in a crowded store, or you are in an elevator, a person may develop a phobia related to the occupation, during which there was an attack. Continue reading

Egg white face - masks useful recipesEgg white benefits skin in a number of ways when used as face masks. Among the variety of face masks at home, egg white masks stands out as the best. Egg white is that liquid part of egg which gives amazing beautifying effect on skin. It holds 80 to 90 percent of water and 10 to 20 percent of proteins. From shrinking pores, treating acne to reducing redness and increasing elasticity of skin, egg whites is extremely beneficial for facial skin. Continue reading

Irit symptoms, treatment.jpgIrit – this inflammatory processes that occur in the iris of the eye (simultaneously are possible in the iris and ciliary body – in this case the process is called iridocyclitis).

In the case of the onset of this eye disease, the iris becomes a greenish or reddish shade, may to appear a slightly edema, picture loses sharpness, pupil reaction to light becomes slow, while the pupil remains constricted. Continue reading

alcohol poisoning.jpgAlcohol poisoning is from acute toxic effects of alcohol consumption. Directly impacting the Central Nervous System, it slows breathing, heart rate, gag reflex, cause gastritis and severe gastrointestinal bleeding to respiratory arrest and death. When the gag reflex is slowed, there is danger of asphyxiation. This occurs when the person is unconscious from excessive alcohol intake vomits and then chokes. Continue reading

Pain in the chest and heart.jpgPain in the heart varied in intensity and character; from the feeling uncomfortable to the piercing, contractive, unbearable “dagger” pain. Can come from a certain area is locally (heart region), but can be across the thorax.

Pain behind the sternum may occur as when physical stress and at rest, may last from several minutes to several hours or even days, varying in intensity depending on the movement and body position. Continue reading

The main problems during pregnancy and how to deal with them.jpgPregnancy – a very exciting and pleasant state of women. This condition makes every woman truly beautiful. But during pregnancy the expectant mother is faced with a variety of indispositions. It’s a body’s hormonal changes. Some of the health problems arise in certain trimesters, but others may continue for all nine months. With all indispositions can and must be fought. Continue reading