15 ways to bring order to the head.pngSometimes it happens when one fine day you realize that in your head a mess, and clean up the mess is not very easy. And this is not surprising, considering all the information and all the things that are deposited in our head. If you have the feeling that your head’s about to explode from the glut of information and ideas, then this article is for you. Take a few minutes of time and try to put things in order in your head.

1. Breathe

Sometimes such a simple thing as deep breathing can help clear your mind. find time during the day to go out to the park for fresh air, relax and just feel like taking a deep breath and exhale fresh air fills your lungs.

2. Plan your tasks and write down ideas

All your plans and tasks that accumulate in your head gradually start to get tangled and you already can not remember when and what you need to do. It is very useful to plan your day and write in order, why and what you must do, and calculate approximately how much it will take time. Then you will no longer need to worry about what you forgot to do, or to go from corner to corner of the house trying to remember what else do you wanted to do.

3. Diary

Many people who write your own diary, say that it helps them to control their minds. Writing in a diary what happened to you during the day is very often helps to organize thoughts, as well as to express the feelings and emotions that have accumulated during the day, but you can not share them with others.

4. Know your priorities

Try to identify what is important to you in life, and what is no. Arrange in order from the highest priority, and by descending all that in your head.

5. Communication

Communicating with a person whom you trust, can be very helpful and help pacify your mind. Even if your conversation is just empty talk, it still helps to throw out their emotions and experiences.

6. Learn to let go

It is very important to learn to let go of things that bring you negative emotions and experiences. Very often it happens that we are experiencing due to a problem that has long been in the past, or a person whom not return any. We must learn to say to yourself, “I let you go” everything that degrades the quality of your life.

7. Give enough time to sleep

Very often you can feel a mess in my head because of lack of sleep. Sleep as much as requires your body. Many agree that during sleep the memories are formed and distributed the information received during the day.

8. Do not sit on the spot

Physical activity can also help you clean up in your head. Walking is one of the favorite activities of people who need to think about something. Perhaps this is because the walk is a calm and unhurried activity that can be practiced anywhere, anytime.

9. Enjoy the nature

Being  surrounded by nature – it is a great way to relax and get away from the bustle. Nature helps to focus and think things through without hindrance.

10. Establish order around itself

In your head can be a mess out of your environment. How thoughts can be a clean and orderly, if around you mess? Cleaning and tidying up everything that surrounds you, can be a great start to what would be tidied up in your head.

11. Do not hurry

The world around you is so hasty that you sometimes do not even find the time that would have to sit down and think all is well.

12. Stop it to grasp at everything at once

In the modern world it is very hard to do just one task without being distracted by something else. Try to use every opportunity that would focus only on one case, and not to be distracted from it. Then you will notice how much great benefits will bring this task.

13. Stop constantly worry

Excitement is a normal thing for every. But if this excitement becomes chronic, then you need to find a way to stop it. Since such a condition gives rise to a lot of negative emotions and feelings. Think about that cause you the excitement and write down it. And then try to consider whether in fact because of this to worry?

14. Take a break from the media

Every day, on your brain bore down huge flood of information from the media. Take a break for a few days, and give attendance really important work for you.

15. Learn to be disconnected

You are not obliged to be accessible to everyone at any time of the day or night. You should have a time to be alone with yourself and your thoughts, relax. Learn to switch off a thoughts about work, problems, and other things that are constantly sitting in your head. Just think about yourself.