Fresh juices - the benefits and harms.jpgFresh juices can bring not only benefits but also harm the body, if you do not know the rules of its use. For example, when taking medication, you should be careful, consuming grapefruit juice, as it contains narigin, which can lead to a decrease or increase the effect of drugs taken and their deposition in the liver.

Fresh juices – is a kind of concentrate of fruits or vegetables and in him significantly more biologically active substances than in the starting products. Juice of sweet fruits contain less fiber, which slows the assimilation process, so they are rich in active carbohydrates. These juices are not recommended for diabetics and people who are prone to obesity. Acidic juices, such as orange, cranberry or lemon should not drink for people ill with gastritis or gastric ulcer.

The benefits of fresh juice

Despite the disadvantages of receiving fresh juices, they bring considerable benefits to the body.

  • The fresh juices contains a large amount of fiber, organic acid groups, pectins, which are essential in the human diet;
  • Clean vessels from cholesterol, it helps not accumulate in the tissues of excess fluid, improves the body’s ability to resist different diseases;
  • It is also worth noting the complete assimilation of juices by the body and a positive effect on metabolism;
  • The benefits different juices is great, almost universal, although different by the healing effect (for example):
    • Orange juice – very rich in vitamin C, and in addition to restorative actions, helps people with distressed vessels (high blood pressure, atherosclerosis) and liver;
    • Apple juice increases resistance to disease, saturates the blood with iron, removes toxins from the bowel;
    • Beet juice – bowel stimulant; potato – helps ulcer, carrot – improves eyesight, stimulates digestion and strengthens bones.

About harm of fresh juices

  • Excessive amounts of juice and fruit in a day, can lead to indigestion and diarrhea simply because your digestive tract will not cope with so much fiber and fruit acids;
  • Juice raises the blood sugar level. The result – the release of insulin. Regularity leads to depletion of the pancreas and increase the risk of diabetes by 20%;
  • If you are allergic to any fruit or vegetable juice – it will cause even more rapid and strong response;
  • Abuse of fruit and vegetable juices can lead to excess weight, problems with teeth and stomach.

Things to remember

  • If you want to regularly drink juices – should seek the advice of your doctor, especially if you have a chronic disease.
  • Freshly squeezed juices should drink within 10 – 15 minutes after extrusion. So vitamins get inside of the body, and not fall apart without any benefit for us.
  • Drink the juice should be 30-40 minutes before a meal – it will be most useful and immediately enter into biochemical processes; after the meal juice (especially fruit)  is better not to drink, since, mixed with food, will cause a large number of gas isolation in the intestine.
  • Do not engage in juice therapy while receiving medication. So you protect yourself from them overdose.
  • It is better drink juice through a straw, and then rinse your mouth with water – in the juices of many organic acids, which soften and destroy the hard tooth tissue.
  • If the choice between fresh juice and fresh fruit, it is better to choose the latter. And the effect will be softer, and vegetable fibers will only be useful.