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Monthly Archives: April 2016

How to improve immunity.jpgImmunity – is the body’s ability to resist the harmful effects of external and internal environment, which is produced in the process of evolution.

At congenital or acquired immune disorders a person is suffering from severe recurring inflammatory processes, for example, from the respiratory and digestive tract infections, fungal infections, and so on. Children with congenital immunodeficiency without treatment may die in the first year of life. Continue reading

PyodermaPyoderma – a group of infectious inflammatory skin diseases caused by microorganisms, most commonly Staphylococcus and Streptococcus. In healthy skin, these bacteria can exist without causing any ailments. But under certain conditions, such as: a variety of microtrauma, dermatoses, accompanied by pruritus (itching, eczema), skin contamination, low immunity, chronic diseases, excessive sweating, oily skin, reveal themselves. Continue reading

BIOPTRON - light therapyAmong the advanced technology hardware medicine a special place occupies a light therapy. On its basis works innovative appliance of the Swiss company Zepter called Bioptron – indications for use include a wide range of diseases of the internal systems of the body and dermatological pathologies, diseases of muscles and joints. Continue reading

Lung cancer.jpgLung cancer – a malignant tumor that develops from epithelial lung tissue. There are two forms: central lung cancer originating from the bronchi, and peripheral cancer that develops from within the lung tissue.

Lung cancer is one of the most common cancers. Despite the best efforts for its prevention, the incidence rate since the beginning of the XX century has grown several dozen times. Lung cancer is leading reasons of mortality in many countries from oncological diseases among men. Primarily, it is connected with the fact that the initial stages of lung cancer occur almost asymptomatic and patients address to the doctor too late. Continue reading

How to educate children according to temperamentChildren are not tin soldiers and may not be identical, they are distinguished by many, including the temperament. The temperament of preschool children affects the behavior.

Each of temperament types have their pros and cons. And knowing them, and directing in the right direction, it is possible to nullify disadvantages and to develop the advantages. The main thing is not to suppress the child’s temperament, and manage it. Do not blame the child, pointing out its shortcomings, such as slowness, which is due to his temperament. Given the plasticity of the nervous system of children, features of the temperament can be to disguise disadvantages through education. Continue reading

If you haven’t yet experienced the powerful results associated with cleansing process, you may be wondering why a cleanse is needed. The reasons behind this process vary for each of our paHomeopathy cleansing of the bodytients, including those:

  • Are looking to lose weight;
  • Seek more energy and want rejuvenation;
  • Want to cleanse and remove toxic waste and buildup from their bodies;
  • And many others.

Continue reading

The power of thought 11 tips on how to think correctlyEveryone is able to make his life happy by using the power of thought. Everyone man – a creator of his own world, and when used properly, your subconscious can perform any of its desire and achieve success in all endeavors. And you are also able to control the power of thought and create large and small miracles.

What is the power of thought, what damage and how to get rid of the bothersome thoughts, how to teach the thoughts to work. Continue reading

When thAcne on the face how to get rid.jpge skin affects acne on his face, the look is becoming one of the most painful problems and generates a lot of complexes of own inferiority. Small nodules of inflammation may cover some particular part of the face, or the entire surface.

First of all, you are required to find out the causes that can trigger this skin condition. Continue reading

Pericarditis – an inpericarditisflammation of the pericardium, the outer lining of the heart separating it from other organs of the chest. The pericardium consists of two layers, the inner and outer. Between them, there is normally a small amount of fluid that facilitates their displacement relative to each other during heart contractions. Continue reading

When a person has problems with the endocrine glands, he treats to the endocrinologist.
Endocrinologist - When should contact.jpg
This is a doctor who removes the cause of the disease and its consequences. In our body a lot of glands: pineal gland, thyroid gland, pituitary gland, gonads and others. The most common diseases with which we encounter in practice endocrinologist include: Continue reading