When a person has problems with the endocrine glands, he treats to the endocrinologist.
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This is a doctor who removes the cause of the disease and its consequences. In our body a lot of glands: pineal gland, thyroid gland, pituitary gland, gonads and others. The most common diseases with which we encounter in practice endocrinologist include:

  • Diabetes;
  • Acromegaly, diabetes insipidus;
  • Compensated change of thyroid gland;
  • Sexual development retardation in children, growth problems and mental development;
  • Hypercalcemia and calcium deficiency;
  • The reduced concentration of calcium in the body.

Symptoms for which you need seek to the endocrinologist

Diabetes – gives the following symptoms: thirst, dry mouth, polyuria, weight loss, polyphagia, lethargy, a sharp decline in libido and physical activity, fatigue, tendency to the appearance of fungal and infectious diseases.

Obesity: shortness of breath, difficulty in walking, a significant increase in body weight, high blood pressure, reduced potency and libido.

Hyperthyroidism: increased irritability, tearfulness, anxiety, hyperactivity, sweating, severe weight loss, hormonal disorders, heart palpitations.

Hypothyroidism: drowsiness, weakness, weakening of memory and attention, hair loss, cold intolerance, constipation, menorrhagia, oligomenorrhea, arthralgia.

Hypothalamic-pituitary disease: diabetes – polyuria, polydipsia, and sleep disorders; hyperprolactinemia – galactorrhea, decreased libido, frigidity, vaginal dryness, decreased appetite.

Violation of calcium metabolism:

Hypercalcemia – general weakness, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, constipation, weight loss, bone pain, weakness in the legs;
Hypocalcemia – chills, fever, constipation, vomiting, heart palpitations, hormonal disturbance, brittle hair and nails, memory loss, insomnia, depression.

Therefore, if you suspect that you are sick with something of the above ailments, then make an appointment to the endocrinologist.

The purpose of the doctor endocrinologist

Disorders of the endocrine system is also called hormonal disorders. It is they who are the target of endocrinologist – to identify, diagnose, appropriate treatment.

If a patient came to the doctor for the first time, the doctor will listen to the beginning of his complaint and make medical history, based on the actual condition of the patient and his symptoms worrying.

Then the physician should to examine the patient, his lymph nodes, thyroid gland, if necessary – the genitals.

It is mandatory to be heard by the heart and the blood pressure is measured. After that, depending on what will survey and the survey results, it will be decided whether additional analysis and research is needed – MRI, ultrasound, CT, puncture.

Other cases you need to visit an endocrinologist

Even if there are no warning signs and symptoms, a few times in the life to visit doctor will still have. Visit endocrinologist is if:

  • Planned conception and birth of a child;
  • It is necessary to choose a contraceptive;
  • Came the climax.

After the performance of 40-45 years, men and women in a preventive measure should visit an endocrinologist once a year.