The power of thought 11 tips on how to think correctlyEveryone is able to make his life happy by using the power of thought. Everyone man – a creator of his own world, and when used properly, your subconscious can perform any of its desire and achieve success in all endeavors. And you are also able to control the power of thought and create large and small miracles.

What is the power of thought, what damage and how to get rid of the bothersome thoughts, how to teach the thoughts to work.

How to bring up and compel to work the power of thought

  1. Stop negatively to react to external “bad” events, Think positively! To do this, be higher than the daily hassles. Is better to immediately to repay a wave and smile, “let go” situation. You can think to himself: “Let it will be the worst thing that happened to me in life.”
  2. Chasing memories of past unpleasant and awkward, failures and wrongs. Every time found himself remembering this, you need to discard it and switch attention to other things.
  3. Do not say nasty things about yourself, out loud or mentally.
    The taboo on the word in relation to himself, “stupid”, “loser”, “beggar” and many similar. It is better to replace them, respectively, on the “misunderstood”, “on the way to success”, “I will buy a little later,” or similar. This will stop programming of your subconscious mind to negative.
  4. Do not condemn others. Discussing other people’s weaknesses, we attract them to himself.
  5. Cease to fear. Have you noticed that people often happens that what they fear? This is – an example of mental attraction. Bad things are attracted easier because it stronger stirs the soul.
  6. Avoid external negative. For example, looking through news, select a format that does not cause negative emotions. Best of all – a dry statement of facts and a neutral expert judgment.
  7. You should have a goal. If it is large, it must be broken down into sub-goals. And about them it is necessary to remember always in a positive light.
  8. Belief in success.
    If you start to do anything, be confident in their abilities. Know that you will achieve the planned whatever the cost!
  9. “Repetition – the mother of learning” (knowledge – force).
    Regularly (but not excessive) Repeat: “I will achieve the goal!”, “I – lucky!”, “I am – happy,” “I – successful!”, “I – the rich!” (subconscious mind will help in this).
  10. Mentally to represent something to strive for. And the more, the better. You can choose a subject to follow. So starts the secret mechanism of auto-suggestion.
  11. Always keep in your mind three powerful thoughts:
    • I respect myself, so I can not do my job poorly;
    • I love myself, so any thing that I do, I like it;
    • My time is too precious to spend it on useless classes (watching TV shows, social networking, games).

Remember – what we sow in our subconscious, we reap in the material world. Our mind can be our enemy or an ally. If you say to ourselves that you can do something, it will certainly is succeed. Our subconscious immediately will find a reasons for the duplication of this statement. The main thing to believe that the attractive force thoughts is a reality!