BIOPTRON - light therapyAmong the advanced technology hardware medicine a special place occupies a light therapy. On its basis works innovative appliance of the Swiss company Zepter called Bioptron – indications for use include a wide range of diseases of the internal systems of the body and dermatological pathologies, diseases of muscles and joints.

Influence of BIOPTRON treatment

Bioptron lamp emits polarized sunlight, of which removed waves harmful and dangerous to the health. Thus, the light BIOPTRON does not contain ultraviolet and is incoherent (low-energy) radiation, that excludes possibility of tissue damage, overdose and side effects.

It is scientifically proven that light Bioptron stimulates cell membrane activity, accelerates the regenerative processes and improves the absorption of oxygen by tissues. Light therapy Bioptron stimulates blood circulation and the immune system (defense mechanism) of an organism. Bioptron light has a bio-stimulating effects. It penetrates deep into the skin through its different layers.

Poor microcirculation is the major cause of disease, skin aging and aging in general. Good blood microcirculation is a key to our wellness, young, beautiful skin. Bioptron improves blood circulation! His light has a positive effect on blood cells and somatic cells.

Bioptron Light has bio-stimulating effects: at the direction of the skin, it stimulates light-sensitive intracellular structures and biomolecules. This initiates cellular chain reactions and starts a mechanism so-called secondary responses, which are not limited illuminated area of skin, but can affect the entire body. Thus, the light Bioptron device acts in a natural way by supporting the regenerative processes in the body and helps the body to release its own healing potential.

Application of BIOPTRON

The essence of the impact of BIOPTRON device is that the light beam becomes polarized, creating a flow of photons with identical orientation. Therefore, the use of Bioptron for light therapy produces three proven effects:

  • Recovery of plasma proteins and blood cells in the lymphatic and capillary nets;
  • Normalization of the functions of the mucous membranes and the surface layers of the skin;
  • Activation of the acupuncture and biological points of the body.

Basic medical conditions applying Bioptron Zepter:

Depending on the specific diagnosis, severity of the disease shall be from 5 to 20 light therapy sessions, the duration of which ranges from 1 to 8 minutes. You can use the device daily, 1-3 times a day. Strengthening of therapeutic effect is achieved by re-rate, which is carried out, usually 14-15 days later.

Nuances of light therapy:

– Do not move the beam during the procedure.
– Pre-Clean and degrease the skin in the affected area with a solution Light Fluid or Oxy Spray.
– Be sure to observe precisely the specified time frame.

The device is safe even for children! Remember that using a natural cure with light, we have the opportunity significantly reduce the consumption of medication or even abandon them and thus avoiding harmful side effects of drugs.