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Monthly Archives: May 2016

The whole truth about cosmetics.jpgToday, every woman knows at least a dozen well-known companies for the production of cosmetics, as well as the main products that they offer. However, not all women know how to use makeup properly. But only knowledge of the basic rules of the use of funds for maintenance of beauty can help avoid unintended consequences. Continue reading

Renal colic reasons and symptoms.jpg

One of the strongest pain syndrome is a renal colic – an attack of pain at acute ureteral obstruction. Pain develops as a result of the hydrostatic pressure increase in the renal pelvis, resulting in the extension of its capsule, rich in nerve endings. Being the most painful of all, it signals the that if you do not take steps, will begin destruction of kidney tissues. Continue reading

Pregnan10 major prohibitions during pregnancy.jpgcy for every woman – a very exciting and important period in life. It is not surprising that pregnant women become very spleeny: once there is a mass of experiences and questions, because now the expectant mother is responsible not only for themselves but also for her baby who is completely dependent on what makes a mother. Therefore it is useful to know what is really not to do during pregnancy, and what can be – in moderate amounts. Continue reading

Your myths about tooth whitening.jpgsmile is the first thing people notice about you and you want it to shine bright. Having discoloured teeth can make you feel self-conscious showing the world the beautiful smile you have.

Don’t let your teeth hold you back, there are many different things that can be done to give you a bright smile. To help you feel more comfortable in your decision to have your teeth whitened here are a few myths about teeth whitening: Continue reading

Ascorbic acid The use and application of vitamin C for the skin.jpgfor face is one of the most effective means for whitening and skin restoration. This biologically active substance fulfills vital roles in the body. Most people know that vitamin C is essential to maintain the beauty and health. It stimulates a  production of collagen, creates a natural protection from the sun’s rays. Continue reading

Nutrition for Athletes.jpgWithout proper fuel and nourishment for your body, you will not attain your full athletic potential and will be more susceptible to fatigue and injury.

Proper nutrition for athletes is one of the most important training factors and should be included in the foundation of a well-planned, comprehensive sports performance enhancement program. Continue reading

Problem skin and diet.jpgOn the appearance of the person has a great influence his way of life and the nature of power. If a person is healthy, uses high-quality and balanced diet, it normalizes metabolism, increases overall physical vitality, improves mental state. And it is from this depends the condition of the skin. Lack of vitamins and an unbalanced diet can significantly worsen the skin condition. Continue reading