Pregnan10 major prohibitions during pregnancy.jpgcy for every woman – a very exciting and important period in life. It is not surprising that pregnant women become very spleeny: once there is a mass of experiences and questions, because now the expectant mother is responsible not only for themselves but also for her baby who is completely dependent on what makes a mother. Therefore it is useful to know what is really not to do during pregnancy, and what can be – in moderate amounts.

1. Drinking alcohol and smoking

Being a good mom – it means forget about the bad habits that may harm an unborn baby. The effects of alcohol and drugs on the fetus have long been studied: the use of even a small amount can be fatal for the baby, because the toxic dose in each case is individual.

As a rule, women who consumed at least once alcohol in early pregnancy learning about their situation, is very worried. In this case it is necessary to calm down: if the pregnancy persists, alcohol will not have a negative impact on the development of the baby. However, in the future should be to completely eliminate the use of any drink containing alcohol.

You should also forget about cigarettes. When a pregnant woman smokes, the concentration of smoke and nicotine, which are transmitted to the kid, many times higher than in the mother.

2. Lifting weights can lead to miscarriage or premature birth

During pregnancy, the spine undergoes additional load. The body prepares for childbirth: produces a special hormone that makes the cartilages more lenient, not only in the pelvic region, but also in the whole body. Excess and uneven load on the skeleton can cause injury. Therefore, any object heavier than 3 kg during pregnancy, especially complicated with increased tone of the uterus – a taboo.

3. The uncontrolled use of drugs

If you must resort to using medical drugs, you should discuss with your doctor the possible risks and benefits of their use. In each case, the expectant mother should be guided by the principle that only a doctor who knows the details of the patient’s health and the peculiarities of pregnancy, decides whether the reception of a certain drugs. Remember that you need to choose the most secure means of all possible in a particular situation, but you can not refuse medical treatment for fear of damage to the child, since a belated treatment or progressive disease can bring even greater harm.

4. X-ray and fluoroscopy

Doctor prescribes a chest X-rays and X-rays only in cases where the risk of the image will be less than the risk of the disease can be passed without such an examination. And during the X-ray stomach must be closed by a special apron, impermeable harmful radiation.

5. Solarium and prolonged exposure to the sun

Skin  of expectant mother requires special careful attitude. Excessive exposure to the sun can cause the appearance of age spots on the face, back, hands and décolleté.

Another property of ultraviolet rays is activation of natural body processes (metabolism, respiration, blood flow, heart, etc.). When it observed problems in these processes in the body of the future mother, the prolonged exposure to the sun, and especially in the solarium may worsen the situation.

6. Sauna and steam bath

Benefits and harms of visiting baths and saunas for pregnant women is still not precisely defined. It is known that at high temperatures (even at low humidity) dilates blood vessels, heart quickens, there may be problems with respiration. A cold shower also leads to a sharp jump of pressure. So it is better not to risk it.

7. Vibromassage and hydromassage

Hardware massages during pregnancy have many contraindications. Whirlpool baths and hot tubs can lead to premature termination of pregnancy. And the risk increases if pregnant during early pregnancy.

8. Heavy physical activity

Such sports as weightlifting, climbing, horse riding, cycling – forbidden. The best types of exercise for pregnant women – it’s swimming, walking outdoors, special gymnastics or yoga for pregnant women. Moderate exercise helps to strengthen muscles, promote proper breathing, as well as improve circulation.

9. Sugar substitutes

As a rule, organism of the future mother receives the required amount of glucose and sucrose from the fruit and vegetables, which should be included in the daily diet. That is why it is not necessary to resort to sugar substitutes. They contain chemicals that may adversely affect the unborn child – in particular, it is considered that uncontrolled use of cyclamate and saccharin may cause cancer, and insufficient development of the central nervous system of the unborn child.

10. Coffee and strong tea

Pregnant women are not necessarily completely give up caffeine, enough to reduce its consumption of up to 200 mg per day – two cups of tea or coffee. If the expectant mother regularly consume more than 200 mg of caffeine per day during pregnancy, it may increase the risk of miscarriage or low birth weight baby. The latter means that a child may experience health problems at birth and in the future.