The whole truth about cosmetics.jpgToday, every woman knows at least a dozen well-known companies for the production of cosmetics, as well as the main products that they offer. However, not all women know how to use makeup properly. But only knowledge of the basic rules of the use of funds for maintenance of beauty can help avoid unintended consequences.

The very first and most important issue, according to 25-30 year old girls – it’s wrinkles, and they fight with them – the girls are buying a lot of creams with lifting effect and strenuously use it. To what does this lead to? By the skin habituation, it just does not synthesize collagen fibers as before the application of lifting. No need to hurry. Let the skin itself works, and you’ll save money.

Another misconception – the skin gets used to the active ingredients contained in the medical or professional cosmetics. In cosmetics for everyday care no such components. Of course, if clumsily, and often use a specific makeup the consequences do not will take long to wait. One has only to abandon it, the skin just looks bad.

Do not succumb to the entreaties to buy such care product and become extraordinary beautiful woman in 5 minutes. No self-respecting company will not to offer this.

Another important point – Interaction of cosmetic means. It is best to use the means of one series. After all, allergic reactions often occur not because of the particular agent, and because of the wrong combination of components.

Night cream. Often it is used just before bedtime, this is wrong. Apply with it need up to 2 hours before bedtime as a minimum, in order so that he could soak in, and assimilate the skin, not forming a film on it which does not allow the skin to breathe at night.

Day cream. Often in the fall and winter women apply it on your face directly before you leave home, ostensibly in order to protect it from the cold. It absolutely can not do! In the cold, the cream is not something that is not absorbed, but just turn into a crust, which could hurt the already vulnerable at this temperature the skin. Apply the cream should be for 30 minutes, and preferably an hour before leaving the house.

Skin cleansing. It is necessary to clean the face with foam or gel for washing, and then use the tonic as the final stage of purification.

About natural cosmetics. That’s fine, but not the best choice. Natural ingredients in their effect is weaker, affect only the upper layers of the skin. Therefore, optimum will be a combination of nature and science in cosmetics.