Signs of reduced digestionThe symptoms of poor digestion:

  • less than 2 hours after a meal there are desires to bowel movement;
  • some time after the ingestion – heaviness in the abdomen;
  • decline after 1-2 hours after eating a operability, mental or physical activity, severe drowsiness;
  • nausea, urge to vomiting, severe weakness after eating indicate a toxic effect on the body of food;
  • aversion to food, or to some particular products;
  • appearance of strong irritation after eating;
  • appearance after eating unpleasant sensations in the mouth, pain in the abdomen;
  • strong bloating after eating, heaviness in the intestine, weakness suggests that food is digested pathologically, with the release of toxins;
  • fever, weakness, dizziness, vomiting, acute abdominal pain, panic fear – strong signs of poisoning by infected food. In this case, should immediately call emergency medical care.