healthy hair.jpgWell-groomed and healthy hair are essential for the attractiveness of any woman. Some ladies have gorgeous hair by nature, but primarily it is the result of constant, proper hair care. Do not forget: to take care of your hair need daily.

Simple and very useful tips for proper hair care:

  1. Head need to wash properly. It is necessary to choose a shampoo for your hair type. The same applies to balm or conditioner for hair to impart smoothness and easy combing curls, which is applied from the middle of the hair to the tips, but not at the roots of the hair, because then they will become a greasy.
  2. Wash your hair should be slightly warm and clean water, not hot! At the end of washing curls best to rinse with cool water, which will give them a healthy shine.
  3. Minimize the use of a variety of heated rollers, irons and hair dryers. When blow-drying, use cold air, use the special a thermofilter spray before drying and styling.
  4. You must choose a good comb. The best option – a wooden or plastic, do not choose a metal comb. Comb the curls better to start from the tips to the roots. It is strictly forbidden to comb wet hair because they will strongly to split.
  5. It is important to regularly (every three months) to trim the ends of the hair on some centimeters in order to keep them healthy and strong.
  6. Choose a wide, soft and not stiff gum hair.
  7. Protect hair from harsh temperature extremes, so cold and windy weather is better to put into a braid , a ponytail, a bun, or hiding under a hat, wear a hood. On a hot summer is best to wear a hat, there are also special sunscreen to be applied to the strands.
  8. Try to eat right. To make your hair was healthy in your diet should be – meat, fish products, fruit and fresh vegetables, natural juices, legumes, and cereals. Try as much as possible to eat less flour, sweet, fatty and spicy. It should also give up completely from alcohol and cigarettes. Daily drink the required amount of clean drinking water.
  9. Use the special medical and a variety of nutritious mask for hair. You can make them yourself at home. Kefir mask nourish and moisturize the hair (40 minutes before washing the hair put on hair a little warm kefir). Honey masks help eliminate dandruff, reduce hair loss: Take two Art. spoons of honey, castor and burdock oil, mix with egg yolk, apply the mixture for 30 minutes.