Stretch marks, or striae – this is normal and perfectly predictable phenomenon in the period of gestation, however, it can be avoided. There are many ways which reduce the likelihood of their occurrence to a minimum.

What causes stretch marks?

The reason that during pregnancy appear stretch marks, are breaks in the connective tissue. Stretch marks can appear not only during gestation, but with any sudden weight change, and also because of prolonged use of hormonal drugs. During childbearing risk of stretch marks is greatest, as under the influence of the change in hormonal levels in the skin decreases elastin and collagen content, it becomes less elastic. Therefore, when a sharp increase in the volume of the abdomen, chest and thighs peculiar gaps are formed on the skin that resemble scars called stretch marks.

The main rules

Fully prevent the formation of stretch marks is very difficult. To do this, you must perform a number of basic rules that support the skin supple and do not allow to gain weight too quickly.

1. Power. During pregnancy, eating right is very important. It is necessary not only to ensure the baby all the necessary nutrients, but also to maintain the health of the expectant mother. Eat more foods containing calcium, proteins and vitamins, plant food. At the same time, try to avoid too much high-calorie foods.

2. Drink. To maintain the elasticity of the skin, drink more water and juices. However, if the weight starts to gain too fast, fluid intake is better to limit to avoid edema.

3. Weight Control. Regularly weigh yourself, notice how quickly you gain weight. On average, for 9 months can gain 11-15 kilograms. If before pregnancy you had been overweight, you need to gain a little less. Regarding the pace and amount of gained weight,  consult a gynecologist.

4. Care. Use a moisturizing skin care products, it is desirable – twice a day. Especially careful you have to be in the places where most likely  the occurrence of stretch marks: abdomen, thighs, breasts, buttocks. Exfoliating scrubs, peels help stimulate the growth of new cells. And such elements creams is shea butter, lanolin, almond and cocoa will add the skin softness and elasticity.

Other tips on how to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy

  • Visit a dermatologist and consult with him about what tools are best protect your skin from a striae.
  • Avoid prolonged sun exposure, use sunscreen, it protects the skin against dryness and harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation.
  • Predisposition to the appearance of stretch marks usually genetic, if your mother and grandmothers were, then you need to make as much effort to avoid the appearance of stretch marks.
  • Do not take too hot shower and a bath. Besides the fact that they are contraindicated in case of an increased risk of abortion, they also dry the skin. Good to restore the skin after hygiene can help children’s creams and lotions.
  • Cocoa butter is ideal for skin during pregnancy. It not only moisturizes the skin, but also soothes and smells very nice.
  • If stretch marks have started to appear, it can be lighten up them, do less visible, but completely get rid of them with creams and oils is impossible. Removal of stretch marks is made in cosmetic clinics. At the same time, the better you care for skin to prevent the appearance of stretch marks, the easier and faster it will be possible to remove them.
  • After the birth weight decreases sharply, which can cause stretch marks, so after the birth should be continued compliance with all these rules.