computer-addiction-in-a-childComputer games, online-chat rooms and forums are becoming increasingly accessible to pre-school children and adolescents. Children spend hours on social networks, communicating with each other, and forgetting about the walks in the fresh air and other ways of pastime. And, unfortunately, not everyone can stop in time. There are those for whom the computer becomes a new reality and a serious problem at the same time.

Computer addiction symptoms

It is necessary to be attentive to your child, because the symptoms can not be detected immediately. In computer addict:

  • the apparent reluctance to spend time with their peers, and communicate with their relatives;
  • child all the free time sitting at the computer, forgetting about sleep and food, personal hygiene;
  • a teenager can become aggressive and irritable;
  • any exercise is very tiring.
  • and do not forget about a physical symptoms, which are expressed in a headaches and spinal pain, dryness of the eyes and sleep disturbance regime, problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

Causes of children’s computer addiction

1. Lack of attention to the child and emotional communication in the family. If parents spend little time for socializing with their son or daughter, are not interest in the thoughts and feelings of his child, the probability of computer addiction and other psychological problems increases.

2. The child has no hobbies or exciting activities. For such a child a computer can become a universal deliverance from boredom. Games, chat, the ability to download any information and to prepare for lessons without leaving home – the Internet opens up many opportunities for computer addiction of teenager.

3. Another reason Depending children from the computer – the inability to establish social ties and maintain relationships. If the child has no friends, he is shy and little talking with parents, he can replace communication at the games and chat online and social networks, where the teen can create a superior image, which will be in a more favorable light to represent themselves to the public.

4. More often parents are are pushing their children to computer addiction, giving modern gadgets. After all, being carried away by a computer, a child is very calm and does not disturb the parents. During first time, this does not bodes anything wrong, but later it is a harmless pastime and turns into a terrible dependence.

5. Psychologists say that even if a child grows up in a good family, he has a good contact with parents and peers, all the same he can to become a frequenter of computer club. The fact that the psyche of the child and the teenager is in a formative stage. And since in the computer – a great many temptations, children find it difficult to resist the inexhaustible stream of entertaining information on the Internet.

The reasons for the development of children’s dependence on computers may be a somewhat. But if your child will have wide interests, and his family understand and love, craving for tablet and laptops will not be expressed. Develop confidence child, social skills, curiosity, so that he could resist the temptations of digital technology.

How to deal with computer addiction?

If you notice your child have symptoms of computer addiction, you need to have patience. You must understand that this is a serious problem that requires time and emotional effort on your part.

  • Having discovered computer addiction in children, it is quite useless to scold or punish, not to cause bouts of aggression. But parents have to come to terms with the idea that completely to wean teenager from a computer does not succeed, no matter how you tried. But, if done correctly, then after a certain period of time a computer will be used by them maximally for the benefit of themselves.
  • If the child is very keen on a computer, you need to figure out what does not suit him in real life. In order for something to convince your child, you need to arrange it yourself and build trust. Be increased attention to the child. Ask about his experiences, feelings and desires as often as possible. He should feel the warmth and love in the real world.
  • The best way to get rid of computer addiction – using any other activity: football, tennis, volleyball, dancing, singing, drawing, swimming pool. Especially must be noted that parents should also take an active part in a new hobby of his child, that he felt the support and care. But remember – you can not force or impose their point of view.