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Preparation for childbirth should be a thorough and timely. Responsible attitude to forthcoming maternity virtually guarantees quite tolerant on painful sensations contractions and the birth of a healthy baby with high Apgar score.

Methods of preparation for childbirth

1. Exercises for pregnant women – help maintain a good tone the body and improve mood

Exercises for pregnant are quite simple, exclude large load on the press, and back muscles. Perform them can almost all women, except those who are pronounced jumps in blood pressure during exercise and at high risk of miscarriage or premature birth. To perform the exercises, it is desirable from the second trimester of pregnancy, when the risk of miscarriage is much lower and the health of future mothers better. Perform the set of exercises, which is specially recommended for pregnant women. It is very good to use gymnastic ball.

In addition, pregnant women can do yoga under the guidance of the instructor and the swimming pool. Yoga is very develops endurance and swimming relieves stress from the back, which is very important in the last trimester.

When performing any physical activity you need to monitor the heart rate, blood pressure and state of health.

2. Breathing exercises – can help reduce pain

It is important to breathe properly during childbirth. Procedures at first glance are not difficult, but in a stressful situation quickly forgotten if not practiced regularly previously. This is why, learning to breathe properly in the different stages of labor should be during pregnancy.

There are 3 main types of breathing used during labor and vain attempts.

  • A deep, quiet breathing through the nose – in the first period of contractions;
  • Rapid breathing “like a dog” – at long contractions, and when it is necessary to stop pushing;
  • Very deep breathing during expulsion fetal.

3. Psychological preparation for childbirth will help avoid many of the fears, easier to cope with contractions and vain attempts

Expectant mother should know that it will happen in the process of birth, and understand clearly that her behavior, the ability to breathe properly and relax have a direct effect both on the contractions and the pain and the child’s health.

So, what can help overcome psychological problems during pregnancy and prepare the future mother for childbirth psychologically:

  • Visiting courses in preparation for childbirth
  • Communication with your child
  • Select the hospital and obstetrician
  • The study of literature
  • Visualization and auto-training
  • Support of family
  • Positive attitude