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Art therapy – is one of the psychotherapeutic techniques used for the diagnosis and correction of neuropsychiatric disorders. Additionally, art therapy – it is also a way to express personality.

At its core is a search of the output of human needs, in creativity, working with color and form.

Area of application means of art therapy is practically limitless. It is particularly effective in dealing with stress, depression, anxiety, phobias, dissatisfaction with their lives. It helps in cases of unwarranted aggression and overcoming the consequences of psychological trauma.

The techniques of art therapy

First of all, it is worth mentioning that art therapy has a lot of directions, allowing you to choose to work exactly the method that most fully able to reflect the mental state of the person, and, at the same time, it will be well to perceived.

There are some kinds of art therapy as a fairy tale therapy, isotherapy, mask therapy, sand therapy, work with clay, video therapy, phototherapy, color therapy, and other types. All these areas are successfully used for the resolution and correction of intrapersonal conflicts, feelings age crises, psychological trauma, feelings of loss, psychosomatic disorders, disclosure of personal meaning through creativity, development of creativity and so on.