Comprehensive development of the child.jpgComprehensive development of the child – one of the main demands of the current society and the needs of the new generation. But the development of the child is not so and easy process. Psychologists, teachers for the success of its implementation recommend to pay attention to a few basic items:

  • Successful development of the child is based on the support of parents’, satisfaction about their own achievements. The child should feel a confident, competent and persistently to achieve the goal. Help of parents and confident development in preschool institutions will be crucial in raising a child.
  • For all-round development of the child it is important to encourage his abilities, talents. Well, if the child is involved in special clubs, it has its own interests. Even if the financial situation does not allow us to allocate funds for the classes at the children’s center, spend home creative, linguistic and sports activities. Organize children’s holidays: home concert, exhibition or dances, can be an incentive to the manifestation of your child’s interest. Trying to learn something new, inspiration for new studies will encourage the creative, intellectual, physical and personal development of the child.
  • Reading – the basis of learning. Read for your child, read with your child, stimulate its independent reading. Books will never be too early learning introduction. Even if the child is still very small, it will absorb the rhythm of speech, to fill vocabulary. In addition, reading is having a positive emotional impact. Children who read every day, have fewer behavioral problems at school and in the future.
  • Keep track of the child’s sleep. Reducing the time of sleep just on 1 hour reduces the cognitive abilities of the child. For easy falling asleep TV and the computer must be switched off, for at least half an hour before bedtime, remove the phone from the child.
  • Organize common family dinner every night. Dinner with the whole family – it is an opportunity of informal communication. Ask your child how was his day, about his successes. So children can learn family values learning, and this allows children to achieve higher success in school and reduces the risk of eating disorders. If necessary, a joint dinner can be replaced with a common lunch or dinner.
  • Do not forget to praise your child. The child’s behavior stimulates praise for his efforts than just a definition of a child as a “talented”. In the subsequent “talented” people who believe in their innate skills, are more inclined to face problems in their work. If the child’s praise for his efforts, he will be convinced that all difficulties can be overcome by developing new skills. That’s what creates the desire to learn.
  • Successful comprehensive baby development stimulates not only the verbal praise. Hug your child to he felt safe. Touching facilitates all the physical, behavioral and emotional symptoms caused by stress.
  • In order to raise a healthy, happy child, satisfied with their results and the future performance, parents need patience, determination and love for the child.