edema-causes-and-treatmentIn the evening your favorite shoes are too tight, swollen feet? With barely open your eyes in the morning, the face swells?
Edema – so called accumulation of fluid in the intercellular space. And the causes of edema can be mass. Consider the main causes  of edema and their treatment:

Many liquid

Excess water in the body leads to the fact that liquid is not withheld in the vessels, and begins to enter into the intercellular space. In this case, the excess water found in all peripheral parts of the body. Such swelling – a constant companion of lovers of spicy and salty foods, sweet drinks and coffee. All these foods cause the feeling of thirst and provoke excessive fluid intake. In addition, in risk group are and supporters of a strict diets, drowning out the hunger by water.

Recommended: Refuse from sweet, salty and sharp at least in the afternoon. Control the quality and quantity of drunk liquid. Doctors believe that the conventional 1.5 liter drinking water per day is enough person who not engaged in physical labor. But the energy drinks, coffee and sweet soda is not only not quench your thirst, and increase it.

Violation of venous outflow

“Heavy” and swollen legs in the evening – one of the main signs of circulatory disorders in the limbs. If the blood stagnates in the veins, excess liquid squeezed out of it through the vascular wall and fall into the tissue. Basically, swell feet and legs below the knee. Most often swollen legs at those people who are forced to stand all day, especially in uncomfortable shoes. Spending the whole day in a sitting position is also harmful. Additional risk factors – high and uncomfortable chair, or the habit of constantly putting foot on the leg.

Recommended:  If you have a sedentary job, do not forget to take breaks at least 5-10 minutes every hour. Regular exercise stimulates blood circulation in the tissues. And to help the veins to remain in good shape, make it a rule to play sports – even a half an hour of fitness per day significantly improve the condition of the vessels. But if the swollen feet very strongly and constantly, you should urgently visit phlebologist to check the condition of the vessels. It is possible that this is one of the symptoms of varicose veins.

Renal Disease

Pale and puffy face every morning – a possible symptom disorders of the kidneys. Especially important to the alert in case of severe edema, when a trace from your finger pressed on the skin does not disappear immediately, and may persist for a minute or longer. When the kidneys are working improperly in the organism can be disrupted the water-salt balance, which leads to stagnation of fluid in the tissues. “The renal swelling” keep for very long and may subside only in the evening.

Recommended:  Immediately consult a nephrologist. Kidney disease is extremely dangerous, and without timely treatment can be fatal.

Heart diseases

If the evening is not only swollen foot, but also and lower leg, thigh and even the abdomen, it may be a sign of heart diseases. Insufficient circulation in the organism can lead to the penetration of liquid through the vascular wall into the tissue – the same as in the venous outflow, but on a larger scale. Additional indications that this type of edema indicates a heart problem – shortness of breath, blue lips and fingers, swollen veins in the neck.

Recommended:  Urgently to the cardiologist. Cardiovascular disease in our time can develop in very young people. And timely initiation of treatment will allow get rid not only of the swelling, but also significantly prolong life.

Trauma or inflammation

If a strong injury or stretching the affected area becomes swollen. This edema also, but it is caused by damage to tissues or lymph vessels. As a result, may accumulate a fluid. A similar condition is also observed during inflammation, which resulted in the allocated substances that provoke the accumulation of tissues in the fluid. For example, pronounced swelling occur at a rheumatism or arthritis.

Recommended:  Traumatic or inflammatory edema – it is a serious symptom that requires treatment to the traumatologist or surgeon. However, waiting for help, you can to apply a cold to the site of injury or stretching, and raise the injured area of the body higher to improve fluid outflow.


In an allergic reaction, is released the histamine, which increases the permeability of the capillary walls and leads to the release of fluid into the surrounding tissue. As a rule, edema – a local reaction. It develops on areas of the body where the substance has got. The most dangerous situation, mucosal edema of respiratory tract, as this can lead to suffocation. This is possible if the allergen was directly into the airways or in the case of angioneurotic edema – severe allergic reaction, usually affecting the tissues of the face and neck.

Recommended:  Local allergic swelling can be alleviated with the help of an antihistamine ointments or medications without a prescription. In cases of serious of respiratory tract mucosal edema should immediately call an ambulance – without the help person may die.


Swelling in pregnant women – a consequence of a variety of processes that occur during pregnancy. Increases the load on the kidneys, and disturbed fluid and electrolyte balance in the body by the action of hormonal changes. This leads to fluid stagnation in various tissues. Severe swelling of the feet, which are found in pregnant women most often – a consequence of the deterioration of general circulation. This is caused by the growth of the uterus, which squeezes the veins and lymphatic vessels of the abdominal cavity.

Recommended:  Regularly consult with your doctor, observing the pregnancy. He will help to correct diet and lifestyle so that swelling occurred as rarely as possible. Another good a means of prevention swelling during pregnancy – regular movement and proper rest.