how-to-know-yourselfAdult man sooner or later think about how to know himself and about the meaning of life. More often people think about knowledge yourself, search of inner peace and harmony when their it something is not satisfied in lives, persecutes a series of negative events and problems, stress and depression.
As soon as you establish contacts with them, in front of you will open many life’s truths, because the knowledge of life and the outside world goes through the knowledge of oneself as a person.

In fact, understanding themselves, need much more frequently and its scope is much wider. What’s more difficult to imagine how a person not understanding themselves, nor their objectives, nor the meaning of life, can effectively to self-develop. If a person starts to practice all that falls under the arm, not knowing themselves, not picking up the practice under themselves, it can bring more negative than good. Therefore, the ability to understand yourself is very important skill.

Now consider practical ways used for self-knowledge.

  • Doing a personal diary, or even internet blog.
  • Sit comfortably and start writing whatever comes to mind. Do not watch for orthography, style of presentation, the beauty of handwriting and other trifles. Write every day for ten to fifteen minutes. Even if in the text will be slightly delusions, it can be extracted from some benefit.
  • Self-observation, in unusual situations. In the daily routine, we lose sight our “I”. But in unusual situations, our “I” is activated and it is easier to notice. This may be a change of scenery, outdoor recreation, travel to other cities and countries. Even stress and depression allow to learn something about yourself, but in this state it is important to analyze, very carefully and critically.
  • Another good tool is a reasoning on the film or book. For example, one of the existing characters do you close? What is it connected? How would you act being in his place? What moments you have affected, and which ones left indifferent? Similarly continue in the same spirit.
  • You can resort to the help of tests. Of course, you do not need to fully accept the results at faith, but something useful can be understood. And try to choose high-quality tests, and not taken from glossy magazines.