The main reason of weight is in your head.jpg

The fight against excess weight goes on all fronts, and humanity in this unequal battle loses. Because it struggles wrong. And if you look – to struggle at all it is not necessary.Why? Let’s figure it out.

Our body is designed so that it constantly needs a certain set of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins. Sitting on a diet, a person, for example, limits himself in consuming fats. An organism that needs fats for vital functions will panic. As a result, it will try to get fats from anything and put them aside.

Similarly, all other elements: as soon as they are not enough, the body, in addition to our will, tries to accumulate them in surplus. The result of any diet will ultimately result in the fact that sooner or later we will give it up and soon get a completely opposite result.

The main reason for weight gain is in your head. Solving the hidden psychological problem, we allow the subconscious to give a signal to the body – a complicated situation solved, it is already possible not “eating” it, and we grow thin without any effort.

The spectrum of such problems is extensive, and often they are completely unobvious. This can be a fear of close contacts, insecurity, as well as problems from deep childhood. The child knows by nature how much to eat and when.

If he is psychologically healthy and eats as the subconscious tells him, he will never get fat. We overfeed the children, compensating mistakes in upbringing: that we not read at night tales, not paid attention, etc.. The child, noticing that parents approve, when he eats by order, begins to subconsciously “absorb more”, hoping for approval.

Remember: to eat need only when want and how much you want. We must clearly understand that we really want to eat, not get approval, love, solve problems at work, etc.

The global trend of combating excess weight with the help of diets and means for losing weight says only about one thing: mankind more and more falls into childhood and does not want to be responsible for one’s actions, one’s body and one’s life in general.

To summarize: in order to get rid of excess weight, we need not a diet, but a clear awareness of their needs. This applies to adults and children alike. Of course, we should understand that we are not talking about diets prescribed for medical reasons.