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Our hormones play a vital role in the organization of the system, and efficient work of the whole body, so that if we have a hormonal imbalance – a big influence on our health.

There are many hormones that perform their functions within us, but there are those that most frequently cause problems, upsets our health – it’s stress hormones, thyroid hormones, sex hormones, and insulin, which controls our blood sugar levels.

Hormonal imbalance is the most common cause of health imbalances. But how do you know whether you are suffering from this imbalance? Continue reading

Pumpkin seeds - a source of health for men.jpgPumpkin seeds will be useful for men who care about their health. Especially for men older than 35 years. It is in this period there is a change in the health of men is not for the better.

The benefits of pumpkin seeds is that they are rich by the nutrient composition: in vitamin A, E, K, F, a group of vitamins B, minerals zinc and phosphorus. It also includes various acids such as arginine, alpha lipoic, linoleic and folic acid, polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6, which are of great importance for the health of the man, as are directly involved in the synthesis of the main male sex hormone testosterone. Continue reading

If on tBeautiful skin of face for 20 minuteshe facial procedures in a cosmetic salon you do not have time or money, do not despair. Almost the same result can be achieved at home with simple means in just 20 minutes by executing three simple procedures: peeling mask and a compress – in this sequence. After them, the facial skin will look smooth, supple and fresh.  Already after the first application, you will see visible results. Continue reading

Belly Body Fat ReductionIt appears like people will do just about something in purchase to lose weight. They will voluntarily try various diet plan goods and hundreds of unrealistic diet ideas. Nevertheless, occasionally the most efficient dropping excess weight technique is the most classical.

In this article we will reveal several guidelines which will assist you achieve your aspiration physique naturally. Continue reading

Loss of tLack of appetite and causes of the weight loss.jpghe appetite – a condition in which there is a decrease in the desire to eat. The medical term of the loss appetite is called an anorexia.

Any illness can affect a decrease in appetite. If the illness is treatable, the appetite should return when the patient’s condition improves or comes full recovery. Loss of appetite may lead to weight loss. Continue reading

CeAbout cellulitellulite – is specific to women change of adipose tissue, at which under the influence of various factors disrupted lymph and blood supply to fat cells (adipocytes).

Most susceptible to the formation of cellulite thighs and buttocks. Exactly in these areas there is an accumulation of fatty tissue that genetically programmed by female hormonal system and allows you to carry and give birth to a child. Cellulite does not occur immediately – it develops gradually, slowly and imperceptibly. And it can occur at any age – and at eighteen and forty years as obese and at thin women.

Factors that predispose to the formation of cellulite: Continue reading

Harm and benefits of solariumBefore we consider the harm of solarium, it should be noted and a positive impact on the body. In addition to a good cosmetic effect, the energy of light helps to normalize the metabolism, which can be used in the treatment of several diseases. Sessions of ultraviolet radiation contribute to the improvement of the skin, lungs, muscles are warmed up, body is resting. Continue reading

Age changesMany change of shape of the body is directly related with aging. Although some changes inevitably occur with aging, your lifestyle can slow down or speed up these changes.
The human body is composed of fat, muscle tissue (muscles and organs), bones, water and other substances. With age, the number and distribution of these materials will change. Continue reading

About washing and touching to the face

This article is for you if:

  • You often touching your face during the day;
  • You do not know how to wash your face properly;
  • You want to make your skin healthy!

Continue reading

Posture is the natural pose of a man standing in a relaxed state. Statistics shows that about 60% of the population have problems with posture.


Also, almost every schoolchild has any defects that lead to scoliosis, kyphosis and lordosis.

Posture is formed by in a human in his childhood when he makes the first attempts to stand and finally formed at the end of puberty. From 25-30 years posture deteriorates. Continue reading