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Comprehensive development of the child.jpgComprehensive development of the child – one of the main demands of the current society and the needs of the new generation. But the development of the child is not so and easy process. Psychologists, teachers for the success of its implementation recommend to pay attention to a few basic items: Continue reading

computer-addiction-in-a-childComputer games, online-chat rooms and forums are becoming increasingly accessible to pre-school children and adolescents. Children spend hours on social networks, communicating with each other, and forgetting about the walks in the fresh air and other ways of pastime. And, unfortunately, not everyone can stop in time. There are those for whom the computer becomes a new reality and a serious problem at the same time. Continue reading

How to educate children according to temperamentChildren are not tin soldiers and may not be identical, they are distinguished by many, including the temperament. The temperament of preschool children affects the behavior.

Each of temperament types have their pros and cons. And knowing them, and directing in the right direction, it is possible to nullify disadvantages and to develop the advantages. The main thing is not to suppress the child’s temperament, and manage it. Do not blame the child, pointing out its shortcomings, such as slowness, which is due to his temperament. Given the plasticity of the nervous system of children, features of the temperament can be to disguise disadvantages through education. Continue reading

Feeding a child at 1 year - features of food allowance.jpegFeeding year-old child should be built with consideration of his age features. On the one hand, the kid is already well grew older, and canĀ  to eat many new dishes. But it is extremely important to take care of his food was both useful and safe. Continue reading

Prevention of fears in childrenWorry, anxiety, fear, surprise, sadness – it is emotional components of our lives. Where there are fears in children? How to prevent their occurrence?

Pre-school age – the period when in the child begins to form morality and image of self, arises the need to understand how society lives, to understand the relationship between people. A kid falls into a world of new emotions and feelings, is faced with life situations that often can not explain. And as a consequence occur the fears. Continue reading

Adenoids, also known as pharyngeal tonsil, or nasopharyngeal tonsil are located at the back oAdenoides a child and your health.jpgf the throat. Adenoids protect the body from harmful bacteria and viruses and form part of the immune system of babies and children 3 and 5 age and rarely during adolescence. They will have disappeared completely by the time a person has become an adult. Continue reading

Curious Twin Babies on WhiteThe birth of twins – not an rare phenomenon in our time. For new parents is not only double happiness, but also a double difficulty.

Mental development of the twins has a number of features. About at six months, children begin to feel the presenceĀ  and the mood of each other. For three years there is a distribution of functions between them, and is pawned the foundation of their future relationship, that primarily depends on upbringing. Continue reading

Child development in 9 months.jpgIt would seem, for the 9 months you have been able to get used to the fact that your life revolves around the little miracle, were able to learn to understand him, but you still concerned about the daily that your child is getting the best care, enough love and attention.

Child development in 9 months has a number of features about which should be aware the parents. Continue reading

Raising a child – it’s a delicate matter. Many parents believe that they can always do to cope with the psychological problems their child. However, very often they only aggravate the situation. So do not nWhen a child needs a psychologist.jpgeed to be afraid to seek professional help.

The main task of a child psychologist – psychological help through gaming techniques. In the game are disclosed a suppressed feelings of the child and the most effective search for solutions to children’s problems. Continue reading

What Is HydrocephalusHydrocephalus affects about 1 in every 500 children born.

Hydrocephalus is an abnormal accumulation of Cerebro-Spinal Fluid, within cavities called ventricles inside the brain.
In many cases, there is no medical history to explain the development of NPH and its symptoms, making it difficult to diagnose and research.

Continue reading