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healthy hair.jpgWell-groomed and healthy hair are essential for the attractiveness of any woman. Some ladies have gorgeous hair by nature, but primarily it is the result of constant, proper hair care. Do not forget: to take care of your hair need daily. Continue reading

The whole truth about cosmetics.jpgToday, every woman knows at least a dozen well-known companies for the production of cosmetics, as well as the main products that they offer. However, not all women know how to use makeup properly. But only knowledge of the basic rules of the use of funds for maintenance of beauty can help avoid unintended consequences. Continue reading

Ascorbic acid The use and application of vitamin C for the skin.jpgfor face is one of the most effective means for whitening and skin restoration. This biologically active substance fulfills vital roles in the body. Most people know that vitamin C is essential to maintain the beauty and health. It stimulates a  production of collagen, creates a natural protection from the sun’s rays. Continue reading

When thAcne on the face how to get rid.jpge skin affects acne on his face, the look is becoming one of the most painful problems and generates a lot of complexes of own inferiority. Small nodules of inflammation may cover some particular part of the face, or the entire surface.

First of all, you are required to find out the causes that can trigger this skin condition. Continue reading