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The fight against excess weight goes on all fronts, and humanity in this unequal battle loses. Because it struggles wrong. And if you look – to struggle at all it is not necessary.Why? Let’s figure it out. Continue reading


Our hormones play a vital role in the organization of the system, and efficient work of the whole body, so that if we have a hormonal imbalance – a big influence on our health.

There are many hormones that perform their functions within us, but there are those that most frequently cause problems, upsets our health – it’s stress hormones, thyroid hormones, sex hormones, and insulin, which controls our blood sugar levels.

Hormonal imbalance is the most common cause of health imbalances. But how do you know whether you are suffering from this imbalance? Continue reading

When a person has problems with the endocrine glands, he treats to the endocrinologist.
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This is a doctor who removes the cause of the disease and its consequences. In our body a lot of glands: pineal gland, thyroid gland, pituitary gland, gonads and others. The most common diseases with which we encounter in practice endocrinologist include: Continue reading

Fresh juices - the benefits and harms.jpgFresh juices can bring not only benefits but also harm the body, if you do not know the rules of its use. For example, when taking medication, you should be careful, consuming grapefruit juice, as it contains narigin, which can lead to a decrease or increase the effect of drugs taken and their deposition in the liver. Continue reading

Why overweight returnsThe vast majority of people who have managed to lose weight in the diet, over time, those extra kilos come back. Here’s why this is happening. Continue reading

How Prevent Diabetes.jpgDiabetes as we all know is a chronic lifestyle disorders, going by the national statstics there are more than 65 million persons suffering from Diabetes.  Never too late to start. How diabetes affects different parts of the body? Using precautions can prevent trouble in advance. Continue reading

Belly Body Fat ReductionIt appears like people will do just about something in purchase to lose weight. They will voluntarily try various diet plan goods and hundreds of unrealistic diet ideas. Nevertheless, occasionally the most efficient dropping excess weight technique is the most classical.

In this article we will reveal several guidelines which will assist you achieve your aspiration physique naturally. Continue reading

Loss of tLack of appetite and causes of the weight loss.jpghe appetite – a condition in which there is a decrease in the desire to eat. The medical term of the loss appetite is called an anorexia.

Any illness can affect a decrease in appetite. If the illness is treatable, the appetite should return when the patient’s condition improves or comes full recovery. Loss of appetite may lead to weight loss. Continue reading

CeAbout cellulitellulite – is specific to women change of adipose tissue, at which under the influence of various factors disrupted lymph and blood supply to fat cells (adipocytes).

Most susceptible to the formation of cellulite thighs and buttocks. Exactly in these areas there is an accumulation of fatty tissue that genetically programmed by female hormonal system and allows you to carry and give birth to a child. Cellulite does not occur immediately – it develops gradually, slowly and imperceptibly. And it can occur at any age – and at eighteen and forty years as obese and at thin women.

Factors that predispose to the formation of cellulite: Continue reading

Symptoms of diabetes in womenDiabetes is one of the most dangerous diseases. According to the statistics of mortality, the disease concedes only of Oncology and cardiovascular diseases. At the same time the number of cases is growing every year. More than half of people with diabetes – women. A probability of occurrence of diabetes in women is twice higher than in men.

What are the reasons? One of the most common causes of diabetes in women is the excessive weight. Due to the hormonal features of the organism, women have a greater tendency to gain weight, and it usually becomes the cause of diabetes. Continue reading