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Rubella - it need to knowRubella – an acute viral disease characterized by fever and moderately expressed intoxication, lymphadenopathy, rashes and high risk of affecting fetal at development in pregnant women.

Pathogen by its main properties similar to the family Togaviridae. It is an RNA virus, that dies quickly upon drying, heating, under the influence of UV radiation and disinfectants. Continue reading

What is hepatitis C and how to live with it?

These questions arise in everyone gepatitis C.jpgwho learned about this diagnosis. Many get depressed, someone throws herself “in all heavy”, others looking for answers, trying to bring the situation under control. Continue reading

Lyme diseaseThe CDC reports that more and more counties inthe United States are becoming areas with a high incidence of Lymedisease. The CDC states that “Over time, the number of counties in the northeastern states identified as having high incidence of Lyme disease increased by more than 320%.” In the north-central states the number of counties having a high incidence increased by about 250% from 1993 to 2012. Continue reading