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Intercostal neuralgia causes, symptoms, treatmentIntercostal neuralgia – neuropathic pain syndrome characterized by irritation or compression of the intercostal nerves. The disease is not too dangerous, but only when the person timely seek medical attention – Vertebrologist.

It is characterized by pain, which, reminiscent of cardiovascular disease. It should be noted that the intercostal neuralgia – is quite complicated in terms of diagnosing the disease. It is based on degenerative changes in the spine, which are disguised as defeat any body that is placed in the chest or abdomen. Continue reading

Posture is the natural pose of a man standing in a relaxed state. Statistics shows that about 60% of the population have problems with posture.


Also, almost every schoolchild has any defects that lead to scoliosis, kyphosis and lordosis.

Posture is formed by in a human in his childhood when he makes the first attempts to stand and finally formed at the end of puberty. From 25-30 years posture deteriorates. Continue reading

back painDo you suffer from back pain or neck pain?

At Texas Orthopedics in Austin, Dr. Kenneth Bunch specializes in diagnosing back and neck pain and helping patients manage their pain so they can return to their everyday activities. Dr. Bunch provides comprehensive non-surgical care, offering a variety of back pain treatments to help improve spine alignment, reduce pressure and pain, and guard against further injuries. Continue reading